Baseball Predictions - 2013

By Frank Workman | Mar 30, 2013

For no good reason other than to expose myself to rebuke and ridicule over the next six months, here are my opinions of each of Baseball's 30 teams, going into the season.


ANGELS – Do they have enough pitching to excel?

DETROIT – Should mop up in a weak division.

WASH – Seemingly flawless and on their ascendency.

CINCY – Best of a bad division.

DODGERS – We’ll see if money can buy happiness.

ATLANTA – They’ll be an above- .500 team.  A wildcard.

NYY – Will somehow not suck as bad as most want them to.

SF -  A steady-Eddie roster. The tortoise to the Dodgers’ hare.

TORONTO – Poised to dethrone Yanks if newcomers mesh.

TEXAS – Loss of Michael Young and Hamilton will hurt.

TAMPA – Smartly run team. Best in the AL East.

ST LOUIS – They’ll challenge Cincy – a little.

OAKLAND – A huge surprise last year. No surprise this year.

PHILLY – Great starting pitching. Old lineup. Fading fast.

BOSTON – Better than expected. On the rise again.

MILW – Losing Braun to PEDs ban would decimate them.

ARIZ – Looming as a surprise team in the NL.

CHISOX – The very definition of a  .500 ballclub.

BALT – Will regress from last year’s great season.

KC – Finally, their young players come of age.

PITTS- At long last, a .500 team…..again.

SEATTLE – Good mix of vets to help the kids. A winning season!

CLEVE – Lots of new parts, including Tito. Maybe .500.

SAN DIEGO-  Cellar dwellers in the tough NL West.

METS- Barely a major league team.

CUBS – Nobody is worse in the NL Central.

COLORADO – Home field edge makes them barely mediocre.

MINN – Abysmal.

MIAMI – Atrocious.

HOUSTON – Not even major league. Will rival the ’62 Mets.


I do this more for my own amusement than anything else.  And to remind myself (not that I actually need reminding) of just how wrong I can be about things I think I know something about.

There's no question about it.




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