Check in to ‘Murder Inn’ for suspense, laughter

By Meredith Pechta | Feb 13, 2013
Photo by: J. Donovan Smith BriAnne Green (Muriel) and Kevin Boze (Lawrence), sitting, and Jennifer Price (Agnes) and Vicki Lynn Maxey (Patricia), exchanging daggers with their eyes, star in the Reunion Theater Group’s production of “Murder Inn,” opening Feb. 15 at the Everett Music Hall Playhouse.

Ah, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Time to take your sweetheart to something gooey. Or if you could use a little time off from the mushy stuff, how about something funny and suspenseful?

The Reunion Theater Group is showing “Murder Inn,” which opens Feb. 15. The story takes place at an inn that apparently most people avoid.

Why? Because the inn seems to have a poltergeist who seems to get a little knife happy. Martha Talbot, the inn keeper, even warns her guests to stay away.

And this week, she has eight guests, one tour guide, a bus driver and her own son to worry about. But they can’t leave: The bridge is out and there’s a landslide in the other direction.

Among her guests are two middle-aged women who like to take vacations together, Grace and Doris.

It won’t be revealed who or how many will die here. You will have to see that for yourself. What can be said is that “Murder Inn” is a good black comedy with good writing.

The Reunion Theater Group is a group of old friends who decided that acting shouldn’t stop after college was over.

Grace Sharp in well played by Bonnie Ronan. She reprises her role in the sequel that is turning into a series of play adventures, in which she acts like Jessica Fletcher.

Janine Snavely plays Grace’s cynical friend Doris who is less interested in solving a mystery as she is surviving one.

The joking and warning inn keeper Martha is played by Robin Weakland. She seems a little strange, but she’s probably not like ‘Mrs. Bates’ right?

Even if she does have a son that runs the inn with her: Jake is played by Justin Dabney.

The role of the antagonistic Agnes goes to Jennifer Price. If anyone inspires knife throwing, it would be her.

Her niece Carolyn is much more well-behaved. But is her sweetness a cover for more sinister intentions?

BriAnne Green plays the supposed expert on contacting the dead, Muriel. At least she likes it in practice. She might switch careers.

Kevin Boze is terrific as the eligible Lawrence. He’s attractive to many of the lady guests at the end, but is he boyfriend or foe?

His son, Todd, is played by Chad Jones. He seems meek enough, but you never know.

Vicki Lynn Maxey plays the sensitive Patricia who falls prey to Agnes and her cruelty.

The tour guide, Ellen, is played by Tami Lynn. She tries to keep a level head, while others are being stabbed in the back.

And there’s Brian Hitch as Donald the bus driver who seems to have thing for super heroes.

Please do yourselves a favor and check in to the “Murder Inn.” Don’t let the poltergeist or Valentines Day stop you.

“Murder Inn” is playing at the Everett Music Hall Playhouse located in the Everett Mall Feb. 15-24 and March 1-3. For ticket information call 425-737-7290 or toll free 1-800-838-3006.

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