Chip seal ruined neighborhood | Letter

Oct 30, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

In regards to chip seal and other related issue: No, we are not done yet.

First, seriously, Council President Randy Lord and Mayor Joe Marine, chip seal is to alleviate “critical needs”? Do you think a dead-end street trafficked by six homes is a critical need area?

You ruined our neighborhood. There was nothing wrong with the pavement any where in our area.  The only “critical needs” are the emergency room visits for the kids who fall off their bikes and scooters and scrape their flesh off.

Secondly, the contractor that did the work. Besides the lack of notice to the neighborhood with the exception of the signs put out three days before, the workers smashed their equipment trucks into the retaining wall in front of my property, pushing back the top two rows of blocks into the succulent garden planted there and gouged out two of the blocks.  My husband had to rebuild that part of the wall.

No phone call, no note.  No sense of responsibility or professionalism!

Thirdly, the county workers that did the stripping of the streets.

While I stood at my window in my pajamas at 7:15 on the following Saturday and Sunday mornings, with my arms poised in a questioning position, and called out, “Really? 7 a.m.? Our noise ordinances for equipment noise state ‘not to begin until 9 a.m. on weekends.’” – I was given The Finger by the worker in the back of the pickup guide vehicle.  Classy!

I hope this election buries you all under chip seal.

Paula Sullivan,

17-year resident,


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