Close calls with drunken drivers near ferry dock | Kudos & Complaints

Kudos for a clean Lighthouse Park, complaint over loss of commuter parking privileges
By Sara Bruestle | Jan 22, 2014

Our Kudos and Complaints series got some quick kudos from readers when it first ran in October.

The following is the second of a bi-monthly look at the kudos and complaints from around Mukilteo.

Every two months, The Beacon will request to see the emails that were sent to the city via and/or through the “Contact Us” form on the city’s website. Both kinds of messages end up in the same inbox.

Here are nine kudos and complaints sent to the city of Mukilteo in November and December:

Kudos: “My grandson and I visited your city today, and we especially enjoyed the beach and park. The area is so beautiful and clean and lovely. We were thrilled to find the restrooms open and heated – and so clean! Thank you!”

Complaint: “I am saddened that the government of Mukilteo denied ferry walk-ons the Diamond Parking privileges we once enjoyed. I cannot afford $140 per month to go visit my sister who lives in Clinton once or twice a year. Government has sadly gone down the road of taking away while pretending to give more.”

Complaint: “Why isn't the information on your website up to date? Where may I go to find current information? I was doing a search for general information on Mukilteo, and I found the information I was looking for, but it was out of date.”

Complaint: “The street light in front of my house on the 4800 block of Wilmington Way is not working (and hasn’t been for a long time).  There is a green ribbon tied around the post.  Don't know who put it there, but it looks like something to do with safety.  PUD says it's not their problem because the lights belong to the city.  Please let me know how to get the light working again.”

Complaint: “There is a chain link fence along the railroad by the ferry.  A gate below Arnies and behind the ART building is open, allowing kids to potentially play on the tracks.  There is a lock, but it is not functional.”

Complaint: “On Beverly Park Road, just south of Lincoln Way and on the east side of street, there are three street lights in a row that are not working.  The first light works, but the next three do not, making it very dangerous for pedestrians crossing Beverly Park to a bus stop. Please fix them before someone gets hit. I'm particularly worried about a slow moving elderly lady who crosses there each day.  The lights have been out for weeks.”

Complaint: “I work second shift at Boeing, which puts me on the 11 p.m. ferry to Clinton. Over the last couple of months, I have had very close calls with the drunks driving home. It’s just a matter of time until someone gets killed.”

Complaint: “There are a number of trees that are in a green belt behind our property that may have the potential to fall and cause damage to my property and structures. I would like to have someone from the city of Mukilteo come and inspect these trees to make sure they are not a hazard to our property.”

Complaint: “Can you fix the burned out street light on the 4700 block of Bridgeport Place, please?”

The Beacon will print reader kudos and complaints of 100 words or fewer on a space available basis. We reserve the right to edit for brevity, grammar and taste. Send yours to

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