Emery an exceptional councilmember | Letter

Oct 23, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

I was fortunate to spend my childhood in Old Town Mukilteo.  Although I spent my college and professional years between Seattle, Los Angeles and Boston, I have decided to settle and raise my children in my hometown of Mukilteo.

I have been pleasantly surprised to see extensive improvements in our community and the plans for even more improvements to our quality of life in Mukilteo in the near future.

While the mayoral race is important and gains a lot of the current attention in the political race, I wanted to take time to recognize and show my appreciation to our City Councilmember Richard Emery.

Richard holds numerous qualities that I value and feel are incredibly important for our City Council: honesty, humbleness, willing to compromise, listening and seeking to understand, intelligence, personable and good at working with others, knowledge, experience, trustworthiness, understanding budgets, the ability to come up with creative and common sense solutions and most importantly, truly caring and doing the best he can for our community.

For instance, Richard is a main supporter for the preservation of Japanese Gulch, which is a wonderful benefit to our community.

I typically keep my political preferences private, however, in this case I believe that Richard is such an exceptional councilmember that I feel the need to speak up.

He has moved Mukilteo in the right direction and I want what is best for our town.  Mukilteo is my childhood home, my current home, as well as the home for my children.

It is important to me that Mukilteo remains a special and unique “city by the sea,” and I know Richard will do his best to keep it this way.


Tonya Morris,


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