Letters for week of Oct. 24

Oct 24, 2012

City parks are supposed to be free

Editor, The Beacon:

In regards to Mukilteo City Councilman Steve Schmalz’s statement that everyone who is not from the city of Mukilteo pay to use Lighthouse Park [“Residents should park for free,” The Beacon, Letters, page 4, Oct. 10]:

I’m from Everett and take my grandchildren there a few times a year. It’s a great little waterfront park. Maybe Everett should charge everyone who is not from Everett as well to use Forest Park.

Forest Park is a large park with horseshoe pits, tennis courts, a baseball field, huge playground, picnic tables, petting zoo, wading pool and may other amenities.

These parks were built so people and children would have a FREE place to go. Where else can our young people go that is free, safe and secure?

To charge to go to a city park is ridiculous. How can people who run for office find the funds to get elected, but can’t find a few dollars to keep our park free and safe for the public?

Shame, shame on you. Mukilteo needs to think outside the box.

Thank you,

E.B. Hope,


Dog park to open Saturday

Bow Wow! That's a big thank you to all the community volunteers and businesses that helped build our Tails and Trails Off Leash Dog Park. An extra special WOOF for Sally Osborn, whose vision, energy, negotiation skills, persistence and charm kept this project moving forward through endless challenges. Thank you, Sally.

The grand opening of the park will be at 10 a.m. this coming Saturday, Oct. 27. The park is located at 1301 Mukilteo Blvd. All canines and their human buddies are invited to attend the grand opening party.

Fun HOWLoween costumes are encouraged and there is a prize for the best doggie costume. Mayor Joe Marine will be the official doggie costume judge. Let your imagination run wild.

Debby McGehee,

Japanese Gulch Group,


Other options to bus levy?

The Mukilteo School District News this week includes the transportation levy proposal. I see lots of support favoring this proposal on the Opinion page in The Beacon also but have no knowledge of alternative studies, e.g. outsourcing the entire school bus operation or just a leasing vs. purchasing.

As a Mukilteo homeowner, taxpayer and parent of a Kamiak High School student, I’m all in favor of safer transportation for our kids but also less property taxes, not more. I’m in favor of supporting some alternative studies before more taxes, albeit temporary, or “to infinity and beyond.”

Frank Chaddock,


Bus levy is a win-win

Voting “Yes” for the Mukilteo School District transportation levy is a win-win for everyone! A new fleet will provide safer buses for our kids and a healthier lifestyle for our community.

Our children are riding outdated buses. More than a third of the district fleet is more than 15 years old. A typical bus life span according to the state funding qualifications is eight years old; after eight years of continual driving the state feels the vehicles no longer meet safety regulations.

The benefit for our kids is the new buses will have windshields that are 33 percent larger, which will dramatically improve sight lines for drivers. Improved mirror systems increase visibility while loading and unloading.

Electronic stability controls help avoid accidents, and when accidents do occur the improved bus body construction minimizes the potential for structural collapse, as well as improved passenger compartments to make it less likely that injuries will occur in the event of an accident.

The benefit for our community is the new fleet will produce 96 percent less particulate matter and 99.6 percent less nitrogen oxide.

The cost to taxpayers is practically nothing! Our tax rate will not increase due to the repayment of older bonds, however the Mukilteo School District will be able to purchase 30 new fully updated vehicles, ensuring that our kids are safer and the environment is cleaner for all of us.

Please join me in voting “Yes” on Nov. 6 for the Mukilteo School District transportation levy!

Jamie Groshong,

Serene Lake PTSA President,


Visitors center a great resource

As a Mukilteo Chamber of Commerce board member, I wanted to include some additional information to the executive director’s comments last week [“Meeting room is well used,” Letters, page 4, Oct. 10] regarding the room use, storage and programs at the Mukilteo city building, 4902 76th St. S.W. (It is the former sewer district building – across from Olympic View Middle School.)

Along with the meetings and storage opportunities outlined in the letter, the Chamber of Commerce is also managing and maintaining a visitors center within this building.

The visitors center’s mission is to further promote and position Mukilteo as a tourism destination through a broad program of advertising, public relations, social media, Internet marketing, promotions and research.

These programs are designed to maintain and continue to improve the city's image as a great place to visit, to attract increased numbers of travelers, and to increase tourist spending in the greater Mukilteo area.

The Mukilteo Visitors Information Center helps many visitors to our area every day and supports local residents with information for out-of-town guests. The visitors center is filled with maps, pamphlets and information to help those vacationing in Mukilteo or traveling through the area to stop in Mukilteo.

The visitors center also maintains the www.mukilteo.org website that addresses and refers travelers to local attractions, hotels and restaurants. The website, Facebook page and personal face-to-face support for Mukilteo is an integral part of the overall marketing program to boost the Mukilteo economy through tourism.

The Mukilteo chamber and visitors center is responsible for the design and publishing of the “Visit Mukilteo” brochure that promotes local activities and businesses throughout the state.

The Chamber of Commerce also provides relocation support – dramatically affected when Mukilteo was ranked No. 9 in Money Magazine’s 2011 Best Places to Live.

The chamber developed a Relocation Kit and incorporated additional information on the website to address the increased interest in relocating to Mukilteo. The visitors center also helps many families relocation due to job changes in the local aerospace industry.

This visitors center is an important part of the Mukilteo community and economy. I hope more residents and businesses will make use of this valuable resource.


Phil Castillo,


Mukilteo Chamber Board of Directors

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