Mukilteo park didn’t need another wetland | Letter

Sep 21, 2016

Editor, The Beacon:

This an open letter to the Mukilteo City Council:

The area that was turned into a wetland in 92nd Street Park was not wet [“New park wetland disappoints visitors,” front page, Sept. 14].

The city took a perfectly dry area of what is left of the park, and did this without you, our councilmembers, even knowing about it!

This land swap was done just so someone could build their house on a wetland in the Harbour Pointe/Chennault Beach Road area.

As you all know, 92nd Street Park already has a conservable amount of wetland already for the size of this small park. Why would the city destroy what is left of perfectly dry land in this park to make another wetland?

The citizens paid for a park, not a series of wetlands in a small area. Where will people and children play? The area was used to play frisbee and for people to sit, read, picnic and enjoy the outdoors.

Why were you all not told about this plan to destroy our park? Who OK'd this? I was under the impression the council had a say in mitigating wetland swaps. This was not the proper placement for a wetland.

The citizens are not happy and are shocked to know this will be a wetland instead of a space with valuable parkland on 92nd.

Christine Awad Schmalz,


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