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By Steven Keeler | Sep 02, 2016
Source: Not so Green


September 2nd, 2016

To : Delta 5 defendants

  1. Abigail C Brockway
  2. Michael E Lapointe
  3. Patrick A Mazza
  4. Jackie W Minchew
  5. Elizabeth S Spoerri

Everett Herald
Protest blocks train tracks; 5 taken into custody
September  2nd,  2014
Eric Stevick,  Herald Writer,

Seattle Times
5 activists convicted of trespass on Everett tracks in protest over oil, coal trains
January 15, 2016
Hal Bernton, staff reporter,

OPB correspondent
Climate Activists Who Chained Themselves To Tracks Head To Court
January 11, 2016
Ashley Ahearn, KUOW EarthFix reporter,,



This letter is regarding your participation / reporting as it relates to the trial of the Delta 5 incident.

First, you should know, that on the two year anniversary of this illegal act, a multi part feature will be posted on the Not so Green Blog, hosted in the Blog section of the on line Edmonds Beacon, the Mulilteo Beacon and the Mill Creek Beacon. A cross posting will also occur on the West Seattle Blog, under Forums and then under Politics.

For the Defendants

What would you change if you had this illegal action to do, or not do, again ?

How do you feel about your responses and statements being mostly emotional, rather than citing current climate science ?

Have you fully completed / complied with the sentences, when found guilty of trespass ?

Was justice truly blind, with respect to the court room proceedings ?

Over 7 million Washington state residents did not appear at your illegal action or trial.  What do you think that says about your agenda ?

The 5 day trial will be fully transcribed, by way of For the Record software and player, and utilizing the two CD set provided by the Snohomish court clerk and paid for by Not so Green.  Certain exhibits will be reproduced and each day may be broken into a morning and a afternoon post.  If you are receiving this letter / email and you wish to have the multi week feature reflect your responses to the above questions, you may reply, using the blog reply option.  Place " Delta 5 - Response " in your reply subject line.  If you do not respond, the feature will report that you were given the opportunity to respond and did not.

Steven Keeler
Not so Green

distribution :  to address of court record for postal delivery, or by email






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