NOT SO GREEN  |  Delta 5 - State's # 31, 32 & 33

By Steven Keeler | Sep 20, 2016
Source: NSG


States Exhibits 31, 32 and 33

Mike Lapointe's Statement

I am a small business owner who has lived in Washington State for fifteen years.  I cannot in good conscience stand by and watch my community and this planet die from man-made global warming.  As our government has chosen to represent the economic goals of the corporate interests who corrupt our politics instead of serving the best interest of the people they are elected to represent, I petition our government for redress of the devastating effects of global warming.  I demand an immediate moratorium on the transport of oil by rail and an end to any discussion of additional Coal terminals in the Northwest.  I further call for the transition to sustainable viable green energy solutions for our future energy needs.

There was a clear consensus at the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change in 2009 that a 2 degree centigrade rise in global temperature was all the planet could endure.  Now it is evident that mark will be quickly eclipsed.  The extreme weather events of last year, exacerbated by global warming, have cost around 150 billion dollars with most of that burden borne by the taxpayers.

That alone should elicit action by our government to transition away from fossil fuels immediately.  Yet our elected official's response has been to kick the can down the road at best or to completely disregard the scientific evidence of global warming and to stand silent as fossil fuel special interests conspire to move as much product to market as possible to improve their profit margin and to hell with the planet !

While the people of our Nation beg for action to be taken now, our voices are silenced by the unfettered flow of money into our political system and a compliant media which downplays the deleterious effects of our antiquated energy policy.  At a recent forum in the Snohomish County Administration Building, well paid representatives for the BNSF Railroad and proposed Coal Terminal Operator SSA Marine made their case for continued transport and burning of fossil fuel.

They offer no solution to the most devastating economic and environmental effects of moving fossil fuels through our state while touting a paltry amount of jobs that will be created and putting forward a slim possibility that the railroad may pitch in a small amount beyond the 5 % of the cost they are required to pay for rail improvements costing 500 million dollars or more.

A recently leaked draft document from the U.N. Inter governmental Panel on Climate Change states that without immediate action Warming will lead to irreversible global impacts by the end of the 21st century.  Beyond the long term global impacts of climate disruption caused by fossil fuels there are the immediate local and regional impacts from coal exports and the recent surge in tanker cars which carry the highly flammable Bakken oil.

In the city of Seattle there was a derailment of an Oil Train less than a month ago under the Magnolia Bridge and right here in Everett a liquid petroleum tanker derailed recently.  That there has not been any coal spilled in the Sound nor explosion in Seattle or Everett is simply a stroke of luck.  The issues that arise from our use of fossil fuels are many and some can even be addressed with mitigation.

But that is not a solution.  I have seen time and again some token concession made to give political cover to our elected officials so they appear to have accomplished something.  The railroad may even pay some higher portion of the cost for fixing "at grade" rail crossing but that is not going to fix global warming.  I petition our government for redress of the devastating effects of global warming.

Signed, 09/02/2014

Jackie Menchew's Statement

My wife and I have lived in Everett for 25 years and we love this community.  I have seen so many negative effects of Global Warming in this region that I cannot let continue, such as drought, wild fires, and pollution of Puget Sound.  As an elementary teacher, I have seen increasing rates of asthma among children in Everett.  How can I stand by and allow this continue ?

Global Warming is potentially an existential threat to the entire population of Planet Earth.  A 2009 report out of Germany posited several possible scenarios for how Global Warming might paly out, the most dire of which suggested we may only have 11 years to take preventive/corrective action.  (This being 2014, five of those eleven years are now behind us.)

The world's scientific organizations determined years ago that we could only afford to raise the global temperature by 2 degrees Celsius if we hoped to avoid catastrophic consequences.  That meant that, as of late 2012, we could only afford to emit 565 gigatons of carbon (out of 2795 gigatons of the fossil fuels industries known carbon reserves, not including unconventional sources like tar sands and natural gas & oil from hydraulic fracturing).  Clearly some 80 % of carbon reserves will have to be left in the ground.

In support of stopping wholesale extraction and exploitation of fossil fuel resources and protecting the planet and its inhabitants, as well as my own community, I stand against Coal and Oil trains and for the workers whose lives and livelihoods are at stake.

Signed, 09/02/2014

Elizabeth Spoerri's statement

Here are the reasons I'm (really happy) to participate in this action:

I am participating in this action because we, globally, have a short window of opportunity now to prevent severe climate disruption.  I am here to petition Governor Inslee for a complete moratorium on new oil and coal exports in Washington State.  Our current trajectory is not good enough.  In order to prevent extreme drought, forest fires, flash floods and ocean acidification three-quarters of known fossil fuels need to be saved, not shipped or spent.  We cannot afford to reduce carbon emissions in Washington State and simultaneously export increasing amounts of coal and oil.  Fossil fuel spent abroad will have costly consequences for us here.  I am here out of a sense of responsibility to this beautiful state.  I want to do all I can, and politicians need the push to do all they can to make responsible and effective decisions.  I know many people are deeply concerned about this, I hope everyone feels inspired to act in new ways to meet this epic challenge.

Signed, 09/02/2014

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