NOT SO GREEN  |  Something's Burning

By Steven Keeler | Aug 29, 2016
Source: UK Mail


At some point Government will get involved, for the children, of course.  It's always about the future, our children and grandchildren.

In 2014 research found that nearly 120 wind turbines catch fire every year.  The figures, compiled by engineers at Imperial College London and the University of Edinburgh, make fire the second-largest cause of accidents after blade failure.  The researchers claim that out of 200,000 turbines around the world, 117 fires took place annually.  Fire has a huge financial impact on the industry the researchers report in the journal Fire Safety Science.  Each wind turbine costs more than £2 million and generates an estimated income of more than £500,000 per year.  Any loss or downtime of these valuable assets makes the industry less viable and productive.

Dr Guillermo Rein of Imperial's department of mechanical engineering, said at the time: ' Fires are a problem for the industry, impacting on energy production, economic output and emitting toxic fumes. '


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