PAWS needs wildlife volunteers

Jan 22, 2014

PAWS in Lynnwood is looking for volunteers to help care for wildlife this spring.

Every year, PAWS cares for more than 3,000 injured, orphaned or abandoned wildlife.

April to September marks a time of year when the PAWS Wildlife Center teems with baby birds, squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks and opossums.

According to volunteer coordinator Frances Boyens, baby robins and sparrows are usually the first to arrive at the Wildlife Center, and the season ends when the final baby raccoon is strong enough to scamper out the door.

Last season, the PAWS Wildlife team even cared for several bear cubs and baby harbor seals.

The first few months of life are a tenuous time for newborns in the wild, and most of the young arrive at PAWS injured or orphaned and unable to care for themselves.

A great number of babies coming through the doors are the survivors of attacks from other animals or the unfortunate victims of human interference.

PAWS staff and volunteers spend months meticulously and lovingly rehabilitating them so they can make a successful transition back to their natural habitats.

Volunteers work hands-on with the animals, feeding them and helping nurse them back to health.

“It’s a rewarding and life changing experience,” said one volunteer. “There’s nothing quite like feeding a tiny squirrel, and knowing you’re making the difference between life and death.”

For any questions, or for preview access, please contact Mark Coleman, Communications Manager, at 206-419-6646.

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