Police Beat for week of Nov. 28

Nov 28, 2012

Nov. 21

Animal Complaint – 9000 blk 44th Ave. W.

A caller reported that he had two stray dogs confined. He agreed to drop them off at PAWS.

Suspicious – 7200 blk 48th Ave. W.

A resident reported that she noticed her neighbor’s door was open. Two males looked at her then shut the door. She thought it was a little suspicious but added that she did not really know who lived there. Officers contacted the resident, who said that everything was OK.

Disturbance – 700 blk Front St.

Officers responded to a report of an “aggressive subject” at the ferry docks. The caller said she was at the location to do an intervention on her husband. He refused to cooperate. An officer spoke to him by phone but he refused to come out to talk to the police. He said that he wanted no more contact with his family.

Traffic Collision – Beverly Park Rd. & SR-525

An officer was dispatched to call a man regarding a hit-and-run collision. He said that he witness a jogger run into a vehicle that was exiting a driveway near Starbucks. He said that both parties left the scene. He tried to flag down the jogger, but the jogger kept going.

Burglary –12500 blk Double Eagle Dr.

A resident reported that a woman came to his door claiming to be lost and asked his wife for directions to the Everett Mall. While she was inside, the husband found a man inside his garage prowling his cars. The man left in a red Kia and the woman fled on foot. The woman was located a few blocks away. She said that she was from Kent and got lost going to a job interview at a house near the Everett Mall. She denied knowing that her friend, whom she only knew as Mike, would do such a thing. About 30 minutes later, the vehicle was located driving past the scene. The man was arrested and booked for residential burglary, two counts of vehicle prowl, and possession of methamphetamine. The woman was booked for residential burglary. The Kia was impounded to Sky Valley Towing.

DUI – 84th St. S.W. & SR-525

A caller reported a gray BMW had been swerving and the driver was probably driving under the influence. She said it was last seen northbound and was probably somewhere near the ferry. It was not located. Dispatch also advised that this vehicle was a suspect in an Everett hit and run.

Agency Assist – Harbour Pointe Blvd. S.W. & Harbour Reach Dr.

Detectives located the above BMW and assisted a Snohomish County deputy who arrested the driver for DUI.

Follow-Up – 10500 blk 47th Pl. W.

An officer transported the man and woman who were arrested earlier to the Snohomish County Jail. The woman required transport to Providence Hospital prior to booking for clearance.

Collision – H.P. Blvd. S.W. & SR-525

Vehicle 1 struck the back of Vehicle 2. There were no injuries.

Residential Burglary – 4500 blk 80th St. S.W.

A homeowner reported her residence was burglarized this afternoon. Several miscellaneous items, including jewelry, were taken. Entry was made via an electrical door and then by kicking in drywall.

Missing Person – 600 blk Front St.

An officer was dispatched to an area check for a 63-year-old woman who was intoxicated and walked away from her friends at the bar. The woman was located lying on the beach. She was evaluated at the scene by aid for possible mild hypothermia and then transported home.

Welfare Check – 5600 blk N. Grove Dr.

Officers were dispatched to check the welfare of a 15-year-old girl who sent a text to a friend with a possible suicidal reference. Contact was made with the teenager and her mother, and it was determined she was not suicidal.

Trespass – 600 blk Front St.

An officer was dispatched to an area check for three subjects on the train tracks. One subject was reportedly climbing on a signal pole. The BNSF Police Department was contacted and, at their request, the subjects were warned for trespassing.

Suspicious – 50th St. & H.P. Blvd.

An officer was dispatched to check on two subjects loading things into a truck at a new home construction site. The subjects owned the residence.

Party Complaint – 8600 blk 45th Pl. W.

An officer was dispatched to a report of a loud party. The subjects agreed to quiet down for the night.

Assist Law – 12800 blk Beverly Park Rd.

A subject exiting Albertson’s with a basket of groceries saw an officer’s patrol car and dropped the basket and ran into the woods. The subject was not found. The items were returned to the store.

Unwanted Subject – 7900 blk SR-525

Officers were dispatched to a report of an unwanted subject. After talking with the officers, the subject agreed to leave.

Open Door – 700 blk Front St.

A passerby reported an open door at the above location. A cleaning crew was there working and had left the door open.

Collision – 4400 blk Chennault Beach Rd.

An officer located an unoccupied Ford truck in the ditch. The wife of the owner was contacted in Snohomish and she advised she would try to contact her husband and arrange for the truck to be towed.

Nov. 22

Follow Up – 4400 blk Chennault Beach Rd.

Dick’s Towing reported that they had been called to tow a vehicle out of the ditch and thought the police should be involved. An officer got the driver’s information and insurance and passed it on to the officer who found the truck.

Found Property – 10500 blk 47th Pl. W.

A caller reported finding a Texaco credit card at Lighthouse Park. An officer was unable to locate any information on the card owner and tried calling Texaco. They would not release any information. Texaco cancelled the account and suggested that the card be destroyed. It was booked into evidence.

Theft – 5100 blk 81st Pl. S.W.

A caller reported that a package of physical rehab equipment (valued at $30) had been stolen after it was delivered yesterday. He had already contacted the seller who agreed to ship another one at no charge.

Assist Fire –10200 blk SR-525

An officer was dispatched to assist aid with a female who had fallen over. Upon the officer’s arrival, he found that aid had already arrived and was transporting the patient to a hospital.

DUI – Ferry Terminal

An officer was dispatched to an area check for a possible DUI in a Chevy Suburban. The officer spoke with the driver in the ferry holding lanes and determined he was not intoxicated.

Nov. 23

Vehicle Prowl – 10100 blk 50th Pl. W.

A victim’s unlocked vehicle was prowled overnight on the driveway. Golf bag and clubs were stolen. There are no suspects.

Vehicle Prowl – 5100 blk 104th St. S.W.

A victim’s unlocked vehicle was prowled and $40 in cash was stolen. There are no suspects.

Suspicious Incident –10000 blk 50th Pl. W.

A victim’s vehicle had been entered overnight and they thought a house key on a keychain had been stolen. An officer located the key and keychain in the vehicle. The victim did not wish to file a report.

Property Complaint – 11000 blk 47th Ave. W.

An employee at the above location reported finding items behind the business and thought they may have been stolen. An officer collected several door locksets that appeared to have been removed and replaced with all keyed alike locksets. The used locksets were placed in the evidence locker as found property.

Missing Person – 700 blk Front St.

Officers responded to the intersection of Front Street and SR-525 regarding a missing 50-year-old man with Down syndrome. His family had left him standing at the above location while they got the car from the parking lot. The man was eventually located in Coupeville about an hour later. The family was en route to pick him up as of 3:30 p.m.

Traffic Hazard – 5700 blk H.P. Blvd.

An officer on patrol observed water covering the roadway at the above location. The clogged drain was cleared and the water went down.

Suspicious Person – 10900 blk SR-525

Officers responded to an anonymous complaint that a subject was sitting in his car in the parking lot smoking heroin. Officers contacted the subject in the parking lot. He had consumed the drugs and disposed of all evidence before police arrived.

Malicious Mischief – 6600 blk St. Andrews Dr.

A caller reported that unknown vehicle(s) drove over the lawn in the above common area that belonged to the homeowner’s association.

Criminal Traffic – H.P. Blvd. S.W. & SR-525

An officer stopped a vehicle for failing to transfer a title within 45 days and cited the driver for this violation and not having liability insurance.

Runaway – 1500 blk SR-525

A caller reported that her daughter ran away from home. The officer had her entered into the computer system as a runaway.

Party Complaint – 11000 blk 60th Ave. W.

Officers responded to the location for a loud party complaint. The officers spoke with resident and he agreed to shut the party down.

DUI – Beverly Park Rd. & SR-525

A caller reported that there was a possible DUI driver in a white Honda Accord in the area. The vehicle was not found.

Nov. 24

Suspicious Incident – 10200 blk 53rd Ave. W.

A victim’s unlocked vehicle was entered and rummaged through overnight. There was nothing missing and the victim declined to file a report.

Suspicious Incident – 4600 blk Charter Ln.

A caller found what may have been pry marks on a window screen that occurred in the past three days. He requests extra patrols.

Suspicious Incident – 5500 blk 101st St. S.W.

A caller stated that she had been watching her parents’ house at the above address and it has been “trashed” by her brother. She was concerned because her brother is not supposed to be at the residence and there are guns in the house. Officers checked the residence and did not locate him. It appeared that he has been staying there for a couple of days, as there is a suitcase partially empty on a bed in a spare bedroom. They also found two guns, a pistol and a .12 gauge shotgun in the house. The resident was contacted by phone and he said that he did not want the guns left in the residence and that their son has not been excluded from the residence. The guns were taken for safekeeping and placed in the property locker.

Traffic Problem – SR-525 & Beverly Park Rd.

A passerby reported a “big box of books” in the road at the above location. By the time an officer arrived, the books had been spread all over the southwest part of the intersection and they were no hazard to vehicles. There was a lot of paper blowing southward along the side of SR-525.

Suspicious Incident – 1500 blk SR-525

A resident reported that an unknown car had just pulled into the driveway and then backed out and drove away. He suspected his runaway stepdaughter was in the car. An officer checked the area and did not locate the car.

Runaway Returned – 1500 blk SR-525

A resident reported that his stepdaughter had returned and was acting strange, as if on drugs. Officers contacted her and she appeared to be lucid and normal. An officer suggested that if the stepfather thought she was on drugs he could take her to a clinic for a drug test. She was removed from runaway status.

DUI – SR-525 & Chennault Beach Rd.

An officer checked the area for a silver Ford Escape with out-of-state plates that was being driven erratically. The car was not located.

Found Person – 57th Ave. W. & 94th Pl. S.W.

A caller reported finding a developmentally disabled male in the neighborhood who said that he was lost. Officers released him to his parents. His parents said that they would get an ID bracelet for him.

Suspicious – 800 blk Goat Trail Loop Rd.

A caller reported seeing a white man in his 40s who appeared to be “looming over a juvenile female” and that it seemed suspicious. The man and the girl were not found.

Juvenile Problem – 1500 blk SR-525

A caller reported that her daughter was out of control. The daughter had calmed down prior to the officers’ arrival.

Criminal Traffic – 12600 blk SR-525

An officer stopped a vehicle for expired tabs and cited the driver for that violation as well as for no liability insurance and driving without a valid ID.

Residential Burglary – 8400 blk Smugglers Cove Ln.

A caller reported that an unknown suspect(s) burglarized her house today and took jewelry, a Kindle and a black Nexus bicycle. She said that both garage doors had been left unlocked.

Warrant Service – 8000 blk 40th Ave. W.

An officer stopped a motorcycle and cited the driver for speeding and driving without a valid ID. A check on him revealed that he had an outstanding no bail felony warrant for failure to appear in court and possession of illegal drugs out of King County. The officer arrested and booked him into the county jail.

Extra Patrol – 5100 blk 104th St. S.W.

A resident requested an extra watch on his house because he got several strange phone calls from an unknown female.

Juvenile Problem – 12300 blk H.P. Blvd.

Officers responded to the location for a physical domestic violence call. On arrival, officers determined that the caller did not want her daughter to leave with several boys who came to pick her up and had restrained her so she could not go with them. The officers found no evidence of a crime.

Criminal Traffic – Washington Ave. & SR-525

An officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic infraction and found the driver to have a suspended driver’s license. The officer cited and released the driver.

Nov. 25

Suspicious Incident – 8500 blk SR-525

Officers responded to the above location regarding a report of a young girl screaming, “Don’t! Please Stop!” The night manager and officers searched the complex and contacted any units where people could be heard moving about but did not locate anything suspicious.

VUCSA – 9000 blk 49th Ave. W.

Officers responded to a report of a residential burglary that just occurred. The resident had come out of the house and found an unidentified man leaving the basement going through the garage and out to the street. The resident followed the subject until officers arrived and helped point him out to them. The suspect was taken into custody. The resident returned home to discover her brother was home and the suspect had been there visiting him. Officers released the suspect. However, during the suspect’s arrest, officers found marijuana, heroin and numerous syringes on him. Reports will be forwarded to the prosecutor for charging.

Suspicious Person – 12500 blk Eagles Nest Dr.

A caller reported that an unknown male in a blue hoodie knocked on his window and rang his doorbell. The male was not found.

Agency Assist – Whidbey Island

Dispatch reported that a male in a small white passenger car at the ferry holding lanes said he did not have any money, sped around the blocking arm and drove onto the ferry. Ferry workers wanted Mukilteo police to stop him as he left the boat on this side. An officer spoke with employees of the ferry system, and they said that the ferry was still docked on the other side and that they were dealing with the male.

Warrant Service – 1000 blk Goat Trail Loop Rd.

Officers responded to the report of a possible DUI driver in a silver Mercedes. The officers located the vehicle. The driver said that he had been reading a text message and that was the reason that he was weaving. A check on him revealed that there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest out of Lynnwood for possession of drug paraphernalia. He was arrested and booked on the warrant.

Suspicious Vehicle – 13500 blk 42nd Ave. W.

Officers responded to the location for a suspicious red pickup truck parked in the area. The officers contacted two subjects in the vehicle. They had conflicting stories as to why they were there and left the area.

Suspicious – 11700 blk SR-525

An officer contacted a suspicious male walking in the area at about 3 a.m. He had no reasonable explanation as to why he was in the area at that time.

Agency Assist/Burglary – 3700 blk H.P. Blvd. S.W.

Officers responded to location for an open door complaint (because the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office had no one available to respond) and found that one of the doors had been forced open. Officers searched the business but found no one inside.

Collision – 6200 Harbour Heights Pkwy.

A vehicle headed westbound on Harbour Heights Parkway lost control on the hill and hit the curb on the north side of the road. The vehicle lost one of its rear wheels and was impounded by American Towing.

Nov. 26

Unwanted Subject – 8000 blk SR-525

A caller reported that his former business partner was at the location refusing to leave. He said that the man had been approaching customers and trying to convince them to go elsewhere. He was advised to apply for an anti-harassment order. The man was advised that the caller does not want him at the business and if he entered the business he would be arrested for trespassing.

Unwanted Subject – 8000 blk SR-525

About 45 minutes after the officers cleared the previous call, another business owner reported that the unwanted subject was outside their business and was yelling at their customers as well. Upon arrival, man was still on the sidewalk. He was warned about yelling and intimidating customers.

Animal Complaint – 7100 blk 44th Pl. W.

A caller reported that her grandmother moved out of the above residence and left her four cats. She said that they have food but wanted advice of what to do with them. She was advised to take them to PAWS.

Juvenile Problem – 4500 blk H.P. Blvd.

A woman called to report her son as a runaway. She said that he has a history of not coming home after school. An officer determined that he was not a runaway but merely not following the rules. She agreed to call back if he did not return home tonight. She called back about an hour later and reported that he had returned home.

Traffic Collision –10500 blk 47th Pl. W.

An officer met with the parties involved in a collision on Cyrus Way. Vehicle 2 stopped for traffic and Vehicle 1 did not. There were no injuries.

Attempted Theft – 11700 blk SR-525

An officer was dispatched to a report of an attempted theft at the location. Two females attempted to take alcohol from the store. The subjects left in a vehicle similar to a Chrysler LeBaron. The incident is under investigation.

Collision – Paine Field Blvd. & SR-525

Vehicle 1 struck the back of Vehicle 2, which was stopped for a red light. There were no injuries.

Traffic Complaint – Beverly Park Rd. & SR-525

An officer was dispatched to an area check for a speeding orange Mustang. It was gone on arrival.

Nov. 27

Recovered Runaway – 1400 blk W. Casino Rd.

Dispatchers reported that a runaway had been located on Casino Road and released to his grandparents. He was removed from runaway status.

Animal Complaint – 4800 blk H.P. Blvd. S.W.

An officer responded to a report of a contained stray dog. The neutered male Cocker Spaniel did not have any identification and was transported to PAWS.

Suspicious – 10700 blk SR-525

A caller reported that she suspected that a patient might have a warrant because he keeps talking about not wanting to go back to California. There was no warrant in the system.

911 Hang-Up – 8000 blk SR-525

Officers responded to the above area for a cellular 911 open line. A female said something about needing the police then the line disconnected. An officer made contact with a male who said that his daughter had cut her finger and he was at Providence Hospital with her.

Suspicious – 5000 blk Freeport Ln.

A caller requested an area check for two subjects who had been at her door claiming to be Comcast employees. The subjects were not found.

Assault 2 DV – 11100 blk Chennault Beach Rd.

Officers were dispatched to a report of a disturbance heard at the listed unit. Contact was made with a victim who reported she was struck in the head and had her airway obstructed by her ex-husband, who was later located, arrested, and booked into the Snohomish County Jail.

Suspicious – 11500 blk Cyrus Way

An employee reported that two subjects were rummaging through the business garbage dumpster. The subjects were gone on arrival.

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