The Reardon replacement appointment process

By Stephanie Wright | Feb 22, 2013

The Snohomish County Council was met this morning by news of the unexpected resignation of County Executive Aaron Reardon.

While our focus remains on the business before the county, requests have been made to Council members and staff to clarify the appointment process that will follow.

After a formal resignation is presented by Executive Reardon to the County Council, we will have 60 days from the date the vacancy occurs to appoint a successor.

A list of three candidates will be presented to the council by the county central committee of the party representing the elected official whose office has been vacated.

If the Council is not able to reach a decision during this time period, the appointment will then be tasked to the governor, who will have 30 days to reach a decision.

The filing deadline for the 2013 general election is May 17, so the individual appointed would fill the vacancy until the 2014 general election.

The successful candidate from the 2014 general election will be required to run again in 2015 for a 4-year term.

Throughout the appointment process, the County Council will continue the important work we were elected to do, and to do our part in supporting County employees who provide crucial services to the people of Snohomish County.


Stephanie Wright,

Council Chair Snohomish County Council

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