The reason behind the No Joe signs | Letter

Oct 30, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

There have been quite a few comments, analysis, speculative critiques and more of what’s come to be known as the “No Joe” signs.

However, there’s only been one who has bothered to ask why, so, I thought some might be interested in knowing.

I registered the Citizens for a Better Mukilteo PAC (Political Action Committee) with the intent to create the No Mayor Joe Marine signs to help balance the fluff that you’ll see with the facts that you won’t see.

If you’re interested in the facts you can go to

Specifically, the No Joe signs are meant to create doubt for those voters who would be inclined to believe the fluff absent another viewpoint.

While the mayor’s job allows him to be the ceremonial figurehead for the city and accept credit for the combined efforts of many as well as the free press and use of city communications resources to do so, a PAC and political signs are one of the few resources the rest of us have to let people know everything may not be as it appears in Mukilteo.

Here are my responses to some of the comments I’ve heard:

“The signs are only going to help Joe’s campaign.” The mayor has done a good job of self promotion and recognition in his job as mayor. This was a strong consideration and it’s highly unlikely the No Joe signs will help someone who’s already overexposed.

“The website is full of half truths.” Considering the source of this comment, I’m OK with the ‘glass half full’ analogy.

“Why didn’t you include …”.  Even though I believe most of these issues to be true, I only included issues I could personally verify.

“The signs are negative. The website blasts the mayors decisions. They are hate signs.”  It’s only negative if it’s not true. However, because we’re all exposed to the fluff on an ongoing basis, some are going to view anything that doesn’t validate what they’ve heard as negative.

“The signs are ineffective. A more effective sign would just say No Joe.” Only if the target voters were the “Pro Joe” and/or “No Joe” voters. As mentioned earlier, they’re not.

And, finally, I wasn’t going for any awards with the design of the sign. It was created online in Google Drawing and the file sent to an online printer. I was going for the most effective sign while minimizing my time and money.

Judging from the publicity I’ve seen, I’m satisfied with the results.

Kevin Stoltz,

Mukilteo City Councilmember

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