Unwanted calls won’t sway our votes | Letter

Oct 30, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

My household has received many phone calls from our hopeful local candidates running for Mukilteo political offices.

Most of these calls show up on our caller ID as "Telemarketer," which we will never answer.

To our great annoyance, a long voicemail is left after each unanswered call expounding on why we should vote for so-and-so.

Usually these calls are pre-recorded audio-mercials, meaning the candidate, or usually their cheerleaders, aren't spending the time it takes to make these calls personally.

Why? Because they're too busy. Guess what? So are we.

We are no more swayed by ‘robocalls’ than we are by the signage that litters our public landscapes during election season.

The very last thing that will endear us to a candidate is a breach of our privacy, given that our phone number is on the national Do Not Call list. While I don't know if political calls trump the DNC list, those seeking office might want to give it a close perusal.

Given the limited degree to which candidates actually disagree over substantive issues, almost nothing will make us vote for the 'other guy/gal' faster than a politician who doesn't understand that cluttering up our voicemail with pre-recorded political pleas shows a fatal lack of respect for our published privacy policy.

Caitlin S. Dittmer and

L. Gordon Leeds,


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