11 apply to be Mukilteo’s newest council member

By Megan Managan | Jan 01, 2014

Eleven residents in Mukilteo have applied to be the latest to join the Mukilteo City Council after Jennifer Gregerson was elected mayor in November.

The deadline for applications was Friday, Dec. 20. The council will vote on Jan. 13, choosing from the 11 applicants.

Here's a look at each applicant, based on the application given to the City.

E. Scott Casselman

E.Scott Casselman, retired doctor, has lived in Mukilteo for 28 years and has served as a member of the Mukilteo Community Garden, Lighthouse Parade and Festival, Friends of the Mukilteo Waterfront Commission, Rotary, Friends of the Community Center and Park and Arts Commisson board.

He said his reason for applying to the council is because he wants to "…keep Mukilteo small, quiet, safe, prosperous and beautiful."

He ran for council in 2011, losing by 233 votes.

Casselman cited the future site of the Clinton Ferry as one of the top issues facing Mukilteo.

"Return to WSDOT to renegotiate the future of the state ferry landing in Mukilteo," he wrote in his application. "Support revision/improvements at the existing site. Therefore save the 20 acres of ‘the North Shore’ (Tank Farm) for commercial development."

He said building out the park and surrounding area would also give the city an opportunity for a Native American cultural center, businesses, shops and more.

Casselman also said he supports keeping commercial aviation away from Paine Field, "this 'service' is not needed and ill-advised," he wrote.

Michele Meaker Pin

Michele Meaker Pin has lived in the city for 17 years, and is an administrative assistant in marketing for Invitation Homes in Bellevue.

Pin has served as a legislative assistant for Rep. Luis Moscoso, and as a campaign manager for Terry Ryan, Dave Somers and others.

She said she believes the top issues facing the city include: finance, transportation, economic development, security in our retirement and Boeing and our quality of life.

"I believe that my broad background makes me a great asset to the council," wrote Pin in her application. "I have built strong relationships with most of our elected leadership in Snohomish County over these past 10 years and would like to put these to work for Mukilteo."

Mohammed Riaz Khan

Mohammed Riaz Khan, a manufacturing engineer at Boeing, has lived in Mukilteo for the last two years. He serves as the president and lead fundraiser for the Islamic Center of Mukilteo and has worked with Boeing for 11 years.

He said he feels a top issue facing the community is to focus on the schools.

"I feel that the City of Mukilteo needs to focus on the school system. In the past few years families are migrating to… Mukilteo and the schools are getting over-crowded," he wrote. "I would work towards alleviating over-crowding conditions and providing the finest educational experience for our Mukilteo children."

Nicole Thomsen

Nicole Thomsen is an environmental public health planner for Seattle and King County and has lived in Mukilteo for nine years.

She has served on the board of directors for the University of Washington Husky Marching Band Alumni Association.

Thomsen said the top issues facing the city include: port expansion, land re-development, school crowding.

"Mukilteo has a continuous flow of diverse issues, including Port expansion, land redevelopment, and school crowding," she wrote in her application. "And though decisions on these issues continue to be needed, several factors unite them – impacts to our environment and health and their equitable distribution to residents."

Kevin Laverty

Kevin Laverty, a 19-year resident of the city, spent 28 years working at Verizon in public affairs and communications. He spent three terms on the Mukilteo School District board of directors and is a board member of the Mukilteo Schools Foundation, as well as a member of the Boundary Review Board for Snohomish County.

Laverty said the top issues facing the city include: Mukilteo Speedway capacity issues and long-term expansion of the city under the Growth Management Act.

"I believe that Mukilteo is at another critical juncture that will set the stage for the growth and development of the city over the next 20 years," he wrote in his application. "The city will need to embrace growth and look at how to continue to provide effective services to residents. I would hope that my voice would be that of a level head in those discussions as we move forward."

Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson is a 9.5-year resident of Mukilteo and owns a local small business, KIS Enterprises. He is a member of the local Kiwanis club, and worked on the Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival committee and was a Mukilteo school board member for two years.

He said in his application the top issues facing the city include Boeing growth, commercial aviation at Paine Field, the waterfront and the city's budget.

"Mukilteo may be a small city, but most small cities do not have airport, rail, ferry and waterfront issues like ours," he wrote.

Johnson said he would like to join the council because he wants to see the council maintain balance.

"I do not want the council to lean too far to the left or the right," he said. "I have many years of experience through my work and volunteering in bringing together different viewpoints to build consensus. Through my work with the school board I understand what it's like to make hard, sometimes unpopular decisions."

Janet Hammerman

Janet Hammerman, a six-year resident of Mukilteo, owns and operates a small public relations firm, Brand Builder Media in the city.

She has volunteered with the Japanese Gulch Group, been a board member for the Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival and spent many years volunteering in local schools.

She said in her application that some of the biggest issues facing the city are the possibility of commercial flights at Paine Field, the waterfront, schools and the town center.

"I know that some of it is out of our hands, but I feel like we should take every step necessary to keep it out," she wrote about commercial flights at Paine Field. "I like the approach of turning Paine Field and the surrounding area into an aerospace hub that includes educational facilities, tourism and related business."

Terry Preshaw

Terry Preshaw, a 4.5-year resident of Mukilteo, is a managing partner at the law firm Preshaw & Zisman in Everett, specializing in business immigration law. She has managed the firm since 1989.

During her time in Mukilteo, she has owned a small business, been a founding member of the Mukilteo Community Orchestra, as well as a founding member of the Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival Association, and run for City Council twice.

Preshaw said the top issues facing the city include: putting residents first, the waterfront, making sure the city does its due diligence before making decisions, and Paine Field.

"Making public safety a real priority," wrote Preshaw in her application. "Supporting police and fire departments, finding traffic calming solutions and focusing on fixing infrastructure."

She added that giving residents priority and more access to the waterfront and community center are important, as well as keeping Paine Field free of commercial air service.

Carolyn "Dode" Carlson

Carolyn "Dode" Carlson is a 12-year resident of Mukilteo and retired from the U.S. Postal Service in 2004.

Carlson is the current board president for the Mukilteo Community Garden, which she has worked with for the past four years. She has also volunteered during the Lighthouse Festival for the last two years, is a Master Gardener and works with the Denny Youth Center.

She said the major issues facing the city include the ferry site, Paine Field and water runoff.

"I ran for council because I did not want the ferry moved," she wrote. "I still don't unless the state moves it to the deep waters off the old Scott Paper site."

She also wrote that if Boeing leaves the area, the city needs to think about how to run efficiently with a reduced tax base.

"We need to start cutting costs and saving some money," wrote Carlson. "I'm retired on a fixed income. I get it. I can't spend more than I have."

Brendon Jon Boyce

Brendon Jon Boyce is a 21-year resident of Mukilteo and is the owner and president of Greenway Real Estate.

He is a founding member of the 92nd Street Safety Committee, a Sunday school teacher, a founder of the Mukilteo Woods Neighborhood Association and works with the Brain Injury Association of Washington.

Boyce said the top issues facing the city include the city budget, public safety, preservation of Japanese Gulch and Paine Field.

"Strive to finance quality city services within a balanced budget," he wrote is the top issue facing the city. "Keep our city safe! Make the necessary investments in police, fire and infrastructure… fiercely and tirelessly advocate for Mukilteo and mitigation (regarding Paine Field)."

Christine D. Cook

Christine D. Cook, a 13-year resident of Mukilteo, has worked at a local university as a clinical technician specializing in cancer diagnosis, and kidney and heart transplant research.

She has been a member of the Parks and Arts Commission since 2009, and volunteered for the last 10 years with Mukilteo school programs.

Cook said the major issues facing Mukilteo are fighting commercial air traffic at Paine Field, continuing to work on preserving Japanese Gulch and Byer's Park, and waterfront development.

"The waterfront development is another area of great significance for Mukilteo," she wrote in her application. "Our concerns must continue to be heard loud and clear among the many voices involved in this project. Specifically I would continue to pressure the state to consider alternative locations for the boat launch that frees up space for lighthouse park visitors while providing adequate access for boaters."

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