A mosque would promote more diversity | Letter

Apr 27, 2016

Editor, The Beacon:

The fears that people have about Muslims are untrue and hurtful. Some say that having a mosque in Mukilteo will breed radicals and ISIS. What they don’t know is that less than 0.01 percent of all Muslims are radical or will be.

The terrorists get all the news because they are, well, terrorists. Part of the people in the USA think that if we don’t understand something, it’s OK to bomb them back to the Stone Age.

What happen to the great American melting pot? Oh wait, there never was one. People would just gather in groups of the same race, religion, party, etc. All that happened was that America was so much better than their homeland, so they would move here.

Now they are facing the same things that they did 100 years ago. Are we going to let them in and remember what our country was founded on, or are we going to succumb to fear and shut our eyes and ears to the worlds problems?

My point is, are we going to judge by face alone?

P.S. I have a friend in Jerusalem. I wish he could see what is happening.

David Baker, age 12,


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