Letter: Times story on Zieve a partisan hit piece

Jul 26, 2017

Nina Shapiro’s article in the Sunday, July 23, Seattle Times is a poor attempt of a classic hit piece to shame the Mukilteo voter from selecting their candidate.

A professional journalist would be more concerned about current candidates receiving monies and endorsements from political parties in a non-partisan race than contributions made during a past presidential race.

Mukilteo is the jewel of Puget Sound, and a person representing Seattle values has no business interfering in our elections. Sound familiar?

Because this is a non-partisan race, why did the article focus on a national partisan issue such as sanctuary city legislation, anyway? This issue is irrelevant to the real growth management problems facing our city. This was simply to satisfy personal partisan agendas.

As a legal immigrant, I was insulted that the article conveniently leaves out the word illegal when referring to immigrants. It is extremely deceptive and sophomoric journalism to assume readers are uninformed and stupid.

It saddens me when some privileged women use their influence to attack men, especially white men and men of color in our society, simply because of their diversity of thought. This sexism needs to stop now. Mukilteo is a diverse community, not a commune. We should be proud to live in a country where both men and women are truly free.

Peter is not trying to be the example to families, because each family is their own example. Peter’s platform advocates family friendly services that benefit all families, which is something every resident of Mukilteo can stand behind.


Mario Lotmore
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