What is the library to you? l Guest View

By Tony Tinsley, President, Friends of the Mukilteo Library | Apr 11, 2018

I’m sure we view libraries in a gazillion ways (yes, that’s actually a word), but I think a few predominate.

The library is a place of comfort, peace, and safety. Many people experience a relaxing sense of contentment the minute they walk in the door.

Those who have been visiting libraries since childhood may also enjoy a pleasing sense of nostalgia as fond memories of earlier years spring to mind. Many digitally skilled patrons bring laptops and handheld devices with them to the library to take advantage of the free Internet connection.

People need and value a setting in which they can study, read, and think.

The library is a social setting. People use the library as a place to meet friends and colleagues.

They often meet to work on a common project in the quiet, distraction free library environment.

Most afternoons you will see young people seeking help from tutors in the mastery of a particularly challenging subject.

Others come for the array of programs designed for tots, adolescents, and adults.

The library is a fantastic bargain: a source of free books, movies, CDs, and computer and Internet access.

The helpful librarians are versatile information specialists, eager to assist you with your research and other information needs.

I tallied the cost of purchasing the books, movies, and CDs I obtained from the library in 2017.

After subtracting the amount I paid in property taxes to support the library I found I had saved over $1,000. My wife saved a sizeable amount in addition.

The library is the repository of our culture and a guardian of our civilization. All of the great works of science, literature, medicine, and the arts are collected, organized, and stored in libraries. I recommend “The Swerve: How the World Became Modern” by Stephen Greenblatt for an eye-opening account of the critical role of libraries in the preservation and advancement of our modern society.

So, what is the library to you? I would love to hear your views.

Contact me at howard.tinsley@frontier.com and let me know what the library means to you.



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