Man who raped unconscious ex-Mariner student gets 34 months

By Brandon Gustafson | Nov 21, 2018
Brian Varela

Alyssa Mae Noceda was just 18 when she died.

On Feb. 3, the former Mariner High School student was overdosing on fentanyl and Xanax and a “dab” of concentrated THC while Brian Varela, now 20, raped her at his residence at the Martha Lake Mobile Home Manor in Lynnwood.

Varela dumped her body in a plastic container – after breaking her legs to make her body fit – and planned to dispose the container in Marysville.

He also used Noceda’s fingerprint to get into her phone, and, in an attempt to cover up his crime, took a picture to make it appear she ran away..

Varela was sentenced to just 34 months in prison last week after pleading guilty to second-degree manslaughter, third-degree rape, and unlawful disposal of remains, the maximum sentence he could receive due to state guidelines, as he had no prior criminal history.

Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Linda Krese found the sentence “inadequate,” but said she was handcuffed by state sentencing guidelines.

“I’m not sure the Legislature really contemplated something like this,” Krese said.

During his court appearance, Varela made a brief statement to Krese and those in attendance, which included many of Noceda’s family and friends.

“I'm sorry for my foolish actions,” he said. “Whatever I get is what I deserve.”

While Noceda was overdosing, Varela continued to have sex with her, and later told police he heard snoring, but in retrospect, it was likely Noceda choking, according to court documents.

Varela also told officers he contemplated taking her to the emergency room, but didn’t because he was too tired, and went to bed instead.

He said when he woke up Feb. 4, Noceda was dead.

Varela told police that he saw a Facebook post from Noceda’s mother, Gina Pierson, looking for her daughter, and used Noceda’s finger to hack into her iPhone, posting a picture on her Snapchat social media story app to make it appear she had run away from home.

According to court documents, Varela threw her phone into a construction area behind Dairy Queen, which police soon recovered.

Varela showed her body to his roommate and another male on Feb. 4. The roommate told officers he told Varela to call the police, but Varela instead locked his bedroom and went to work at the Dairy Queen on Mukilteo Speedway.

Varela told officers he knew he needed to call for help, but was afraid of law enforcement and what the response would be if he called 911.

Varela sent pictures of Noceda to some of his co-workers in a group chat.

One co-worker in the group chat told police that the messages contained photos of Noceda with swollen and purple lips, and that she was “clearly unconscious.”

According to court documents, along with those photos, Varela said, “LOL I think she OD’d, still breathing, I’m smashing (having sex) her to pass the time.”

Varela also was late to work Feb. 5, and used FaceTime (a video chat service for iPhones) to tell a coworker he was “on a mission to Marysville.” He later admitted he had a “hole” in Marysville where he planned to put the plastic container Noceda’s body was in.

Varela reportedly told the co-worker it may look like Noceda was raped because he ejaculated inside her during sex.

The co-worker quoted Varela as saying “I don’t know if she was alive or dead” while they had sex.

The same co-worker told police Varela told him “she died having sex with me,” seeming to be boasting about the incident.

According to court documents, Varela’s boss, who was in the group chat, returned home from work and told his girlfriend about the texts and images he’d received. His girlfriend found a post from Pierson on Facebook, looking for her daughter.

Varela’s boss saw the image of Noceda and recognized her from Varela’s messages, and went to the Everett Police Department to report the death.

When officers went to Varela’s residence and arrested him, they did a protective sweep of the area and found a crate, matching the boss’ description, with a hand sticking out of it.

In a TV interview after the sentencing, Pierson told KOMO News that Varela only receiving 34 months in prison is “a joke.”

“Usually people who do stuff like this,” she said, “don’t get away with a slap on the wrist.”




Alyssa Mae Noceda
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