Pat Maxwell from The Marine Science Afloat visits local elementary school

By Madelyn Barrett and Lily Miga | Jan 30, 2019
Courtesy of: Anne Miga Lily Miga and Madelyn Barrett, posing with their copy of this article.

Editor’s Note: Madelyn Barrett and Lily Miga are students at Mukilteo Elementary and wanted to share what they learned from Pat Maxwell from The Marine Science Afloat with the community.


Pat Maxwell showed up at Mukilteo Elementary on Jan. 17, 2019 for Community Leaders Week to teach the third grade about the Puget Sound, sea creatures and how we can help save the ocean.

At the Puget Sound, a lot of litter has been getting into the ocean. Pat wanted to teach the students about animals, and why we should clean up after ourselves and others. He taught about plankton, orcas and even more sea life, all living here locally in the Puget Sound.

We can help save the ocean by not picking up seashells at the beach so that hermit crabs grow to be big and live in a safe place where they have room to hide. If you find animals, make sure to keep them at the beach.

If someone litters, you can help by reminding them how much it affects our sea life in the ocean, or even help by picking it up! Pat takes groups of about 80 people on a boat to the Puget Sound from March to mid- June and teaches them how important it is to take care of the ocean. They also catch plankton and get to feel different types of sea creatures!

Pat helped the third grade learn about sea life in the ocean and how we can help keep our ocean clean. How are you going to help protect our ocean?

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Interested in booking a trip with Pat?  Send an email to to find out the trips that are open to book! The cost is $40 per student.


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