More snow, more problems

By Brandon Gustafson | Feb 13, 2019
Photo by: Kellye Vaughn Not even the Mukilteo Community Garden was safe from the most snow Mukilteo has seen in a long time.

Snowmaggedon. Snowpocalypse. Pain in the … well, you get the idea.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you may have looked outside and noticed it’s snowed in Mukilteo. A lot. Multiple times.

This isn’t your typical 1-3 inches that we’re accustomed to here. Oh no.

Last Sunday, while millions across the world watched the Super Bowl, the snow started to come down.

Measurements Monday, Feb. 4, showed that certain parts of Mukilteo had 8 inches of snow.

It didn’t snow again until Friday afternoon, but temperatures some nights got into the teens, which made certain portions of Mukilteo, and really Western Washington as a whole, difficult to navigate for many.

The snow started light around noon, but slowly and surely, the flakes got bigger, and they stuck to the ground and roads.

At roughly 2 p.m. Friday, I went into the Mukilteo QFC. Big mistake, as seemingly half of Mukilteo was there as well.

Checkout lines were backed up well into the aisles; the self-checkout area was packed as well.

Pictures have been circulating on social media of Seattle-area grocery stores completely out of stock of certain foods.

The Mukilteo QFC wasn’t quite that bad, but nearly all the bread was gone when I was there, and the produce section had definitely seen better days.

When all was said and done, Mukilteo got a few more inches of snow over the weekend, and then even more on Monday and Tuesday.

But hey, spring is just around the corner, right?



A truck trying its best to get out of 76th Street Southwest. (Photo by: Kellye Vaughn)
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