Man arrested for assault in SWAT incident

Suspect broke victim’s nose; barricaded himself in Old Town home
By Brandon Gustafson | Apr 25, 2019

A typically sleepy Thursday afternoon in Old Town was anything but, as officers swarmed the streets and intersections were blocked off with police vehicles after a man assaulted a woman and barricaded himself in her house on 3rd Street.

The man, 36-year-old Larry Castillo of Everett, was arrested and booked into Snohomish County Jail.

According to probable cause documents, officers received a call at roughly 11 a.m. for an assault. Officer Chris Perisho, who wrote the probable cause document, made contact with the victim, a 44-year-old woman, on the corner of Eighth Drive and Goat Trail Road. Other officers went to the woman’s house in the 900 block of Third Street.

In the document, Perisho said the woman was “visibly upset, shaking, and crying.”

The woman told Perisho that her friend, Castillo, had assaulted her. The woman said Castillo has a history of drug abuse, and she thought he was drunk and high on methamphetamine during the assault.

The victim reportedly had been punched in the face multiple times, and her nose was crooked, swollen, and discolored. Her pinky was also injured during the altercation with Castillo.

Perisho then received a description of Castillo, who is roughly 5 feet 8 inches tall, bald, Hispanic, and had tattoos on his head. Perisho then advised his fellow officers that he had probable cause for second-degree assault.

The woman told Perisho that her and Castillo are not in a relationship and never have been, and are just friends. She said she has helped him in the past with his drug abuse, and that she has allowed him to stay at her house for days at a time. She also said she’d co-signed a car loan with him, and that she gets mail occasionally that has both her name and Castillo’s on it, but that he’s never officially been a roommate.

In a debrief after Castillo was arrested, Perisho said he learned that Castillo and the woman actually had been dating and living together in the Old Town home.

The woman has two children, who were not at the house during the incident and were at school. She said Castillo had permission to be in the house that day, but after the assault she told him to leave, which he refused.

Medical aid confirmed the woman had a broken nose, and was unsure if her pinky was broken or sprained. She was transported to a hospital in Mill Creek.

According to the documents, officers over the radio said they saw Castillo through the house windows “dancing as if high on methamphetamine, and that he also was making gestures about slitting his throat, wanting police to come inside and get him, and possibly indicating suicide by cop.”

When Perisho arrived at the house on Third Street, he observed Castillo open the door and step outside. Perisho said in the document that he recognized Castillo and had arrested him on March 18 for an assault warrant.

Perisho said he yelled at Castillo to raise his hands and move away from the home. Castillo refused, reentered the home and barricaded himself inside. Sgt. Steve Fanning then used a loudspeaker to try and get Castillo out of the home, but he did not comply.

Due to Castillo’s history and his non-compliance to police demands, officers called SWAT units from North Sound Regional SWAT who then took over the scene.

Their large truck was parked directly in front of the home, and multiple SWAT members were in the street in front of the home, and some were stationed behind the home on Fourth Street. Officers from Kirkland, Lynnwood, Mill Creek, Everett, Monroe, and Bothell also assisted at the scene.

One SWAT member used a loudspeaker to try and get Castillo out of the home, but he did not respond. SWAT members soon breached the front door and placed a “drop phone” inside to attempt to talk to Castillo over the phone, but he did not answer the calls.

SWAT members then entered the house and arrested Castillo without incident around 2:30 p.m.

Perisho said he questioned Castillo about the incident, but he “dodged all my questions, and rambled incoherently about unrelated topics.”

Perisho described Castillo as having bloodshot and watery eyes, and performed a Breathalyzer test. Castillo had a .131 percent blood alcohol content.

Castillo was booked into Snohomish County Jail for second-degree domestic violence, which us a felony.

In the documents, it described Castillo as likely to fail to appear for further proceedings, likely to interfere or intimidate with the administration of justice, having committed a crime while another case is pending, and a danger to the community if released. The records said he has an outstanding warrant for a DUI, multiple order violations, and priors for assault and domestic violence.

The heavy police response brought out many onlookers, as one would expect.

At one point, Beacon Editor Brandon Gustafson and a woman who lived nearby were standing near the stop sign at Third Street and Cornelia Avenue, and were instructed to move because if Castillo had a weapon, they could be in the line of fire. Other residents watched from their windows and decks, or watched from the street from a safe distance away.

Mukilteo Police Chief Cheol Kang applauded the residents and neighbors for being cooperative, noting some couldn’t get to their homes because of the police presence.

“They did a really good job. They were understanding and cooperative, which we appreciate,” he said.


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