Apparent mechanical error ends with car next to railroad tracks

Driver suffered minor injury; rails delayed for an hour
By Brandon Gustafson | May 08, 2019
Courtesy of: Jacob Grube An elderly man’s vehicle had issues, which resulted in him not being able to stop his car. The car went down a hill between Arnies and the SR 525 bridge, and he crashed near the railroad tracks. He suffered minor injuries, and no one else was hurt.

A large police and fire presence below the SR 525 bridge last Thursday led to some questions. The main one: What the heck happened?

All that was then known was that a car was below the bridge either on or next to the railroad tracks.

A Twitter account that posts first responder reports heard on scanners gave hints.  @SnoCoScannerRep posted the following: “Mukilteo Speedway @ 2nd St., Mukilteo/third party report. (Vehicle) went over bridge towards railroad tracks. One yellow patient (minor injuries with transport).”

So what exactly occurred? And why was there a car by the tracks?

Mukilteo Police Department Sgt. Colt Davis’ crew responded to the scene.

Davis said despite the initial reports, the car had not driven off of the 525 bridge, and did not end up on the railroad tracks.

“It sounded a lot worse than it was,” he said.

Davis said an elderly man was driving his car when he encountered a problem stopping the car.

“He was driving and his accelerator got stuck, and he went over the embankment,” Davis said.

The embankment is the small group of parking spots between the bridge and Arnies on Second Street.

“He was driving down Lincoln (Avenue) when his accelerator got stuck. He went down Lincoln and drove on the sidewalk near Totem Park and went over the slope.”

Luckily, the man wasn’t seriously injured, and no one else was injured in the process.

The tracks were closed down for roughly an hour, Davis said, to get the car out of there.

“The only damage was to a stop sign and a guard rail,” he said.




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