If I knew for sure that I would die next month, part 3

By Gordy Arlin | May 29, 2019

Editor’s Note: See parts 1 and 2 of "If I knew for sure that I would die next month" (published Aug. 15, 2018 and Jan. 9) at mukilteobeacon.com


In the next 15 minutes I was shifted from: (A): "Of course Jesus Christ's promised Return has not already occurred! Everybody knows that!" to: (B): "Ah. I see that Bahá’u’lláh ("The Glory of God" 1817-1892, the Prophet-Founder of the Bahá’í Faith) is indeed Jesus Christ in His promised Return, "in the Glory of the Father." And just as Jesus promised to me that I would be able to, I do indeed "Know Him by His fruits."

As the actual moment of my way-surprised absolute certainty secured me like neon, I said to Diane, "It is Him." She Cheshire Cat smiled, and my entire frame began to effervesce.

Sweetly dumbfounded, I dropped down and sat there on Britt's couch, my circulatory system's Alka-Seltzerness contributing roundly to the otherworldliness. This coursing 7-Up phenomenon remained sparkly for a long 90 seconds or so. Normalcy begins to encroach only when laughing Britt offers me tea.

If I knew for sure that I would die next month, knew that I had time for only one final Beacon Weekly Worship column, I would joyously beeline-choose to Testify about my 15 minutes between (A) and (B) above.

Now that I am humbly in the beginning of my sixth attempt to craft this here "part 3" (sixth. 6th. VIth.), I can say, for sure, that writing an effective narrative of those 15 minutes is exactly like attempting to capture lightning in a jar. In just a few hundred words, I'm demonstrably bad at describing this Most Massive 15 minutes.

But I do have the hubris to claim that I absolutely can take a worthy yeoman's hack at it, if you will bless me with many more hundreds of words... (Oooh! Lazy writer!) I wish I was better at this. I've got to get this out. Thanks! In advance!

Stumblingly, Attempt Number Six continues:

My ardent prayer is that you might kindly gift me with a Time Commitment of the equivalent of half of a bad TV sitcom episode. Please combine this with your kind gift to me of your Energy Commitment of three calories. Maybe five.

Are you still in? Magical Mystery Tour? If so, please, (1): kindly hop on the interweb at mukilteobeacon.com, in order to, please, (2): kindly screen Beacon Worship column of Jan. 18, 2018 for me; then, (3): please, most importantly of all, answer the two questions posed at the end of that column. Thank you with all of my heart!

If you cannot readily answer a question, please simply formulate your best sincere guess. So it's way easy!

(For my selfish purposes here, for My Point That I Long To Share With You Before I Die, your sincere "best guess" is 100 percent sufficient! All I need here is your "honest"! Done!)

Column there is titled: "Several Prophets of God get mass abuse from confused locals!" Subtitle: "Does this suggest a trend?"

It speaks to what we did to Noah (wince!) for calling men to God. Then, also, what we did to Abraham (cringe!) for calling men to God. Then, the remarkably samey things that we did to Moses (recoil!) for... (wait for it... ) you guessed it.

Then, after you catch your breath, please also peek at Beacon Worship column of March 28, 2018: The copy there is solely composed of The Voice of Christ, in His Return, speaking in 1863 about His perspective re: His experience of being horrifically rejected by the masses centuries earlier. For calling us to God. Beyond compelling.

Thank you! With all of my heart! I promise that those columns are totally "The Two Questions"-relevant. Plus, they will cleanse the palate (like a sorbet!) in the realms that the 2 questions explore.

Kind readers choosing to not interweb: There is something cool to be gleaned from the following "Cliff's Notes Mini-Version" of rolling with me, here it is:

Given what you do know about how abominably God's Prophets have always been mass-attacked in their own times,  two li'l questions for your rumination:

(One): Why, exactly, does it always go so horribly badly, so consistently? And:

(Two): For any one of these Advents to have gone well, what exactly would men have needed to do differently?

Please don't let the apparent simplicity of the questions fool you. You may surprise yourself if you press for your most honest "best guesses."

If you pinned down your best guesses, two things: 1) Thank you! I owe you a Ben & Jerry's "Americone Dream." And: 2) please "hold those thoughts!" They'll be really important in a minute! You are very kind to me.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, right? Got evidence if you want it! But you'll need to look.

How many times does Jesus command to "watch!"? Lots! (Author's Message! Author's Message!:) To "watch" is way more proactive than "being in confident expectation." Christ saying "look up, and lift your heads" (Luke 21:28) calls for you to search, as opposed to "being faithfully waiting."

In closing, from Jesus of Nazareth:

"Take ye heed, watch..." (Mark 13:33); "If therefore thou shalt not watch... thou shalt not know..." (Rev. 3:2); "Blessed is he that watcheth..." (Rev. 16:15).

And again, please (Mark: 13:37): "And what I say unto you I say unto all. Watch."


Gordy Arlin has been a member of the Bahái faith for 44 years. Mukilteo’s Bahái community meets regularly in each other’s homes for worship. For more information, call 1-800-22UNITE.

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