37 Valentines

By Kay Wagner LMP, CPT | Feb 04, 2010

Carol opened the trunk of the car, her face glowing with anticipation.  Where would her next clue be?   For a moment she had been stumped, trying to solve his first riddle.

After 37 years, her husband Jim still surprised her.  When they were out shopping, he would remember things she commented on.  “O-o-h. Look at that table.”  Or, “Isn’t that a beautiful dress?”  Maybe they couldn’t afford it then, but Jim would wait and go back to buy it when they had the money.

Then, with sweet notes and clues, he surprised her every Valentine’s Day.  After all, she was his cherished wife, and he wanted her to know that.

Carol’s eyes were soft as she read Jim’s personal note in her Valentine’s card, telling her how much he loved and appreciated her, how important she was to him and their six boys.  Then there was the riddle.

 “What do an elephant and a car have in common?” Jim’s card read.  Now she searched the trunk and found the next clue, a photo of an exquisite jewelry box. 

She ran to her old jewelry box, and in its place was the new treasure.  She delightedly opened the many drawers.  In the last drawer a ring sparkled.  “Oh Jim, it’s the emerald ring I saw on our trip to Sacramento!  Thank you!  It’s beautiful,” Carol exclaimed, slipping it on her finger.

If only Jim could give classes!  The fact is many Cupids flunk Romance 101.  They succumb to Valentine’s amnesia (or is it anesthesia?)  Following are ideas from women whose sweetheart’s tactics have extinguished their romantic fires.

Don’t have your secretary buy the card and just sign your name.

Don’t buy the $1.99 box of chocolates at the grocery store.

Don’t take her to a nice restaurant and tell her you’re going Dutch.

Don’t buy her size 5 lingerie and say you sure wish she could still wear it.

Don’t tell her you’ve planned a romantic evening at home and rent “Apocolypse Now” no matter how much YOU like that movie.

Don’t buy her pots and pans.

Don’t spend all your money until after you have purchased her gift.

Don’t forget that maybe a guy would love a power drill but she wouldn’t.

Don’t say yes to a business trip that takes you away for Valentine’s Day.

Don’t forget to shower and shave.

Don’t let her know if you are paying for dinner with a two-for-one coupon.

Don’t ogle the waitress while you’re sitting there in the candlelight.

Don’t take your cell phone into the restaurant.

Don’t ask your best friend for gift ideas.  Ask HER best friend.

Don’t imbibe too much before your intimate Valentine’s encounter.

 Don’t invite her to a romantic evening and then surprise her with tickets to the football game.

DON’T FORGET to have her jewelry or lingerie specially wrapped in a box of Mukilteo Chocolates.

Valentine’s Day is your opportunity to surprise, honor and romance your most cherished loved one.  Let her know how you feel.

Jim died five years ago this March.  Carol still has his last Valentine’s card on her bureau.


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