4th suspect arrested in Beverly Park murder case

Girlfriend of Mukilteo murder suspect arrested Aug. 1
By Brandon Gustafson | Aug 08, 2018
Photo by: Brandon Gustafson Police presence on Tuesday, July 3, off of Beverly Park Road at Pacific Place. Officers discovered the body of Ezekiel Kelly, and later learned his death was connected to another murder in Arlington just days before. Four people have been arrested in connection with the two deaths.

A fourth person is in police custody in connection with two murders earlier last month, one of which occurred in Mukilteo.

The Mukilteo Police Department arrested Anika St. Mary on Wednesday, Aug. 1 for investigation of rendering criminal assistance.

Kelly is accused of providing cleaning supplies to her boyfriend, Hassani Hamadi Hassani, as well as two other friends to help cover up two murders. She is also accused of helping clean a car used in the two murders, as well as providing an alibi for Hassani.

The body of Ezekiel M. Kelly, a 22-year-old man from Everett, was discovered on Pacific Place, off of Beverly Park Road on July 3. Kelly had been stabbed 27 times in his chest, side, arm, and face, and two .22 caliber shell casings were found near his body.

Officers from the Mukilteo Police Department and the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office later discovered that Kelly’s murder was connected to a case in Arlington where the body of Mohamed H. Adan, 21, was found on July 1.

Adan had been shot seven times, and his body was found in a blackberry bush near Blue Stilly Park in Arlington.

Anthony Hernandez-Cano, 18, was arrested for his role in both murders. He had been released from prison on June 30, and his girlfriend, Lindsey Meza, 21, told him that Adan had been watching her sleep in her car one day, which infuriated Cano.

Cano and some friends found Adan walking down the street with Hassani, and they got Adan to enter their vehicle.

They took Adan behind the Albertson’s on the Mukilteo Speedway and assaulted him with a baseball bat before taking him to Cano’s apartment at The Vantage apartment complex. Cano bound him with tape and an electrical cord and repeatedly burned him with a cigarette.

Cano told officers that Adan admitted to him that he wanted a sexual relationship with Meza.

Cano, Meza, and other friends took Adan to Arlington, and Cano shot and killed him.

According to court records, Cano told officers that Kelly had been texting Adan information about Meza.

Cano and Hassani found Kelly on Airport Road, took him to a wooded area in Edmonds, stabbed him, and then took him to an abandoned building on Pacific Place where they repeatedly stabbed him before Hassani shot and killed him.

Cano told officers that St. Mary was in the car with him, Hassani, and Meza, who drove them to the crime scenes.

Initially, St. Mary told officers Hassani had been with her at their apartment on July 2.

Later, she gave a different story of how he had come home, left after receiving a phone call, then came home again, and left around 10 p.m.

Officers later received video footage from The Vantage, and it appeared she was helping clean Meza’s vehicle.

Officers said one of the people seen on camera had the same clothes and build as her, which contradicted her previous statements.

Detectives tried to show St. Mary the footage, but she refused to watch.

Officers described what they saw in the video to St. Mary, and she insisted that she was not the woman in the video. She also refused to answer any of the detectives’ questions.

She was arrested and booked into jail on Wednesday, Aug. 1, for her role in the Mukilteo murder.

She is charged with Rendering Criminal Assistance to Cano, Hassani, and Meza in the kidnapping and murder of Kelly. Officers believe she provided cleaning supplies and helped clean Meza’s vehicle in an attempt to cover up the murder.



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