9 certified homes to go

By Janet Carroll | Oct 26, 2011

We are so close to reaching our goal of becoming a Certified Community Wildlife Habitat that I have no doubt that we will be soon be reporting that Mukilteo is certified.

We have met all of our other requirements, and I know there are nine more yards out there that are just waiting to be certified.  

Did you put your certification application in a pile to do later?  Did you mean to sign up, but just not get to it?  

Now is the time to fill out the form and become one of those last nine certified homes.  Please go to our web site at www.mukilteowildlife.org to see how it’s done.  

We would like to have our yard certification goal of 150 certified homes completed by the end of the month.  Please help us meet that goal.  

When we receive our Community Certification from National Wildlife Federation, we plan to have a celebration.  

We haven’t decided what it will involve, but everyone of the owners of those 225 backyards, schoolyards, and public places that were certified as wildlife habitat, and those who supported us along the way will be invited.

The Mukilteo Wildlife Habitat Team will be continuing its work to keep our National Wildlife Federation Community Certification in the coming years.

Fortunately, instead of having to get 400 total points, we will only need 40, and we have the 40 points mapped out for next year already.   

We would love your help with our demonstration habitat garden at the library, with a garden tour of our certified wildlife habitat yards, with a Wildlife Habitat Steward training program and other events still to be planned.  

I know that there are nine people out there who will take the time now to get their homes certified, and Susan Davison, Hilkka Egtvedt, Sylvia Kawabata, Ryan Williams and I  - the Mukilteo Wildlife Habitat Team – thank you.

Janet Carroll is a member of the Mukilteo Wildlife Habitat Project, which has a goal of certifying Mukilteo as a community wildlife habitat.  Help Mukilteo get community certification by certifying your own yard.  

For more information on the project, go to www.mukilteowildlife.org. If you have questions e-mail Carroll at mukilteowildlife@gmail.com.
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