Budget proposal adds new meaning to "police brutality"

By Rebecca Carr | Nov 18, 2009

Mukilteo department heads, including Police Chief Mike Murphy, were asked to make drastic cuts to their 2010 budgets, paring down nonessentials and, in some cases, cutting or postponing some essentials.

With all due respect to Chief Murphy, we think he went a bit too far.

It's not often we call out a government employee for not spending enough, and we commend Murphy and his team for making do with far less than most police departments could function with efficiently over the years.

We realize Murphy was following orders. But he and his department have proven that they make the most of every dime that rolls their way, and are willing to sacrifice personal comfort to funnel more into public safety.

There hasn't been any fat to cut for years. Previous budgets involved cutting into muscle; Murphy needed a bone saw to get through this proposal.

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