Hold on to the word of God

By Brad Bigler, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints | Dec 28, 2011

Thousands of years ago a prophet during Old Testament times had a dream about our time. In this dream, he was walking in a barren wasteland.  

After he had traveled for a long time, he came to a path that led to a tree that was unbelievably beautiful and filled with light. The fruit of the tree was white beyond description.

Along this path was a rod of iron that a person could hold on to, and be led to the beautiful tree. He grabbed hold of the iron rod, and after a walking along the path, he came to the tree and took a bite of the glorious fruit.  It instantly filled his soul with joy.

After eating it, he looked around and saw that in the barren field, there were concourses of people going in every direction.  Among them he saw his family and cried out for them to come to the path and grab hold of the rod of iron and come and partake of the fruit of the tree.  

Some came and grabbed the iron rod and headed toward the tree, while some of his children did not heed his words but walked away.  

After a few minutes, a mist of darkness like a cloud came and covered the land, and even some of the people trying to find the path that lead to the tree were disoriented and lost on other paths.  

Many of his children and others, however, made it to the path and held on to the iron rod, which lead them to the tree.

Later in the record, the interpretation of the dream is given.  

The barren field is the world in which we live in.  The path that leads to the tree is the straight and narrow path that leads to God.  

The iron rod spoken of was described as the word of God or the scriptures, and whoever would hold on tight to them – meaning, follow their counsel – would never be lost and would not be deceived by the temptations of the world.  

The mist of darkness that came and covered the field was described as the temptations of the adversary (Satan) whose goal is to blind and lead the children of God astray.  

The tree was interpreted to be the love of God and fruit was eternal life with our Heavenly Father.

The goal was to come to the narrow path and hold onto the iron rod or ‘word of God.’ Then, when the temptations or dark clouds of the adversary come, we will not be led off into strange paths the lead us away from happiness.

True happiness is found in obeying our Heavenly Father’s commandments and aligning our lives with choices He would have us make.  Then we will find real happiness that doesn’t disappear.

During this time of year, we start off fresh and new. May we set goals for ourselves to live better lives, to hold onto the rod of iron that leads to life eternal. Study the scriptures and give heed to their words.  

Christ the Savior of the world died for every person that has lived on this Earth.  He died for you and me.  He can and will forgive us of our sins if we ask and dedicate our lives to be in harmony with His will.

Yes, we will stumble and fall and make mistakes, but we must always hold on to the word of God. It will lead us to true happiness.  Christ’s grace is sufficient for every person.  

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