Hurry up and buy the speed indicators

By Rebecca Carr | Nov 05, 2009

In the often mind-boggling six- and seven-figure numbers that get thrown around during budget discussions, $15,000 is a mere drop in the bucket.

That's what it would cost to install permanent speed indicator signs at three different key points in Old Town where studies earlier this year indicated a serious speeding problem, particularly with cars rushing off the ferry and up the hill.

That item failed to make the cut during Monday's discussion and approval of nearly $170,000 in pedestrian safety improvement projects in the north and south ends of town.

Earlier this year, the city placed temporary speed indicators mounted on trailers near the regular 25 mph speed limit signs on 5th Street and on SR 525 south of 5th. The data collected at that time showed 85 percent of motorists not exceeding 33 miles per hour on 5th, or, looking at the flip side, 15 percent driving faster than 8 miles per hour over the posted limit.

The results on SR 525 were even scarier, indicating that too many motorists take the name "Mukilteo Speedway" all too literally. The 85th percentile at that location was clocked at 47.12 mph, 12.1 mph over the 35 mph posted limit.

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