Letters for week of Feb. 15

Feb 15, 2012

Cartoon of Madonna was in poor taste

Dear Editor,

The cartoon on page 4 of the Feb. 8 issue of the Mukilteo Beacon was in poor taste and disgusting. Betty White is an inspiration to many. Not in keeping with your usual positive approach.

Colleen G. Kohler,

Council majority opposed road through gulch

Dear Editor,

In his recent Mukilteo Beacon column, City Councilmember Kevin Stoltz accused councilmembers who disagreed with him of being "happy and ignorant" victims of Mayor Joe Marine's "political coercion" [“The ‘preferred’ ferry option,” Feb. 8, page 4].

He was talking about ME!

I was shocked. That was quickly followed by disbelief and then pain. Intense psychic pain. Oh, no! I am an ignorant patsy of the mayor!

Soon my pain gave way to anger, and then, sadly, resignation.

Am I guilt as charged?

I confess that I am generally a happy guy. Diane often looks at me, hands on hips, and says, "What a dummy!”

Does that count as "ignorant"?

She can also twist me around her little finger, but I vigorously deny that the mayor has the same power. His fingers aren't nearly as nice as Diane's.

Despite the evidence, I'm claiming this is all a big misunderstanding. I voted differently than Stoltz on an issue concerning Japanese Gulch, so he concluded that I was an ignorant victim of political coercion.

Gee, was that the only option that occurred to him? Whatever happened to the possibility of an honest disagreement?

Perhaps Stoltz forgot that I opposed the plan to build a road in Japanese Gulch when I first ran for election to the City Council in 2003. The mayor and council supported the plan at that time and the Japanese Gulch Group had not yet formed. I was a leader!

I'm feeling better about myself already.

Just to be sure my recollection of the debate was correct, I downloaded and listened to the audio of the Dec. 12, 2011 City Council meeting.

What a thrill!

Contrary to the impression conveyed in Stoltz's editorial, six of the seven council members expressed opposition to building a road in Japanese Gulch. The discussion focused on legal issues pertaining to the State Environmental Protection Act.

The council was attempting to identify the best strategy for insuring that a road is not built in Japanese Gulch.

The issue was discussed for one hour and 23 minutes. Every councilmember participated. The council split 4-3 on the best strategy, but voted 6-1 to direct the staff to prepare a revised plan for waterfront vehicle access. That plan will be considered this year.

Despite losing, Stoltz acknowledged that building a road in Japanese Gulch is "never going to happen." Given that, I am wondering what Stoltz hoped to achieve by writing such a negative column.

Tony Tinsley,

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