Lighten your life with good posture

By Kay Wagner, LMP | Jul 09, 2010

Like the frame of a house our skeleton is designed to hold us up. Good posture lets your muscles do their job of holding your body up with ease and balance. If the frame of your house is leaning it will put more stress on the whole house.

Explore your own ideal posture and alignment with these ideas:

Move your shoulders forward, middle and then back. Hold for a breath and repeat the forward to back stretch three times.

Create a shelf for your heart. Don’t let the weight of the world (and of your upper body) press down and compress your heart. Lift and support from within.

Exhale like a singer. Press your breath out from BELOW your lungs to engage diaphragm. Don’t press your chest down to exhale. Try it both ways. What feels best to you?

Use both inhale and exhale to lift your heart.

Visualize a silver thread lifting the crown of your head to the sky. For some people visualizing a plumb line through your body works well.

Imagine a bright bunch of helium balloons lifting your breastbone.

Lower your shoulder blades. Let them melt DOWN your back like a stream of warm water.

Keep your ears aligned above your shoulders. This relaxes a stiff neck. Don’t let your head hang forward.

Draw bottom tips of shoulder blades toward your front ribs.

Slide right shoulder blade down toward left back pocket. Then draw left shoulder blade toward right back pocket.

Hold your pelvis directly below torso.

Awareness of good posture needs to be reinforced with stretch and strengthening exercises. Ask your personal trainer, physical therapist or fitness instructor for guidance.

Do you want to slouch or soar? Be down in the dumps or divinely lifted? By giving your body a long, strong spine you’ll increase oxygen flow, nourish your internal organs and encourage mental clarity.

Good posture instantly trims your waistline and lifts your chest.  You will have more energy, optimism and confidence to enjoy your life.

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