Look and feel great this spring with Powerhouse Plus Toners

By Kay Wagner, LMP | Apr 07, 2010

Have you noticed the lovely dancers' posture on "Dancing with the Stars"?  Strengthening your core is the only way to look and feel like that!

And with springtime gardening it's the best way to prevent backaches. Practice the Core Contraction and Powerhouse Plus strengtheners in your car, while waiting in line or while sitting at your desk. 

Try it in front of a mirror!

*core contraction:*  Lengthen your spine and imagine zipping up a pair of tight jeans to contract abs and pelvic muscles.

Now pull your navel in toward your spine, and lift it up towards your heart.

Hold this for five breaths, while breathing fully into side ribs, chest and back.  With each exhale pull navel further in and up. Keep chest lifted, shoulders wide. Repeat 5-10 times.  Fire your ab muscles with core contraction three times per day with 5-10 repetitions.

Strengthening your core gives you a greater sense of power in your life.  A strong pelvic/abdominal core helps low back problems, stress incontinence and sciatica. 

Coordinating the breathing with the holding of pelvic/abdominal muscles trains your body to maintain good posture and abdominal strength while still breathing fully.  A winning combination!

*Powerhouse Plus:* More ways to tone and trim the tummy:

Twist it. Start with core contraction.  Now widen shoulders and slide shoulder blades down toward your waistline.  Place your hands on your shoulders, elbows pointing out.  Inhale and gently twist to one side as you exhale, inhale to the center and twist the other way as you exhale.  Keep lengthening your spine and squeezing Abs in and up.  Two sets of six repetitions to each side.

Stretch it.  Reach arms high and stretch side to side.  Maintain Core Contraction and deep breathing throughout.

Squish it.  Literally squeeze the fat cells with your fingers.  Massage, squeeze and press those little globs of fat.  Help them melt and shrink.  But since fat carries toxins, detoxify by adding fresh lemon juice, extra water and fiber to your diet. 

See it.  Picture your abs strong and toned.  Visualize your waistband getting looser.

Tone your tush in the car or at your desk.  Contract glutes and press your feet into the floor.  Draw your tailbone forward and feel as if you are lifting yourself off the seat. 

Squeeze inner thighs together.  Hold and breathe maintaining the Core Contraction.

Is your goal to wear a bikini or just to keep your belly from resting on your thighs when you sit?   Whether you are gardening, walking, running, swimming, practicing Yoga, lifting weights, or dancing, you will be supporting your upper and lower body naturally because that is what these Powerhouse muscles are designed to do. 

Practice these simple toners to increase your energy and vitality.  And you will enjoy seeing the waist of your jeans getting looser! 


Kay Wagner LMP, is a NASM certified personal trainer, yoga and Pilates instructor. Her massage/fitness studio is located at 828 2nd St, ste H in Old Town Mukilteo. For more information, call (425) 353-4545,email kay@kaywagnerwellness.com or visit www.kaywagnerwellness.com


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