Mukilteo 13th certified community wildlife habitat in Washington state

By Janet Carroll, Mukilteo Wildlife Habitat Team | Nov 09, 2011


Is your home on the map? The dots on the map above represent the 150 homes in Mukilteo with yards that are certified wildlife habitats. Thanks to you, Mukilteo became the 13th certified Community Wildlife Habitat in Washington state on Nov. 1.

With your help, our Mukilteo Wildlife Habitat Team has met all the requirements for certifying Mukilteo as a Community Wildlife Habitat.  Congratulations, Mukilteo!

On Nov. 1 we received an e-mail from a Dan and Alison Timidaiski indicating they had certified their yard.  They were the 150th certified yard.  Did you hear a loud cheer all over Mukilteo?  That was us.  

Hopefully all of you who have gotten your yard certified or told us that you sent in your application will find a dot on the map that represents your wildlife habitat.  

There are still applications being sent in; we got another one today.  We are happy to exceed the 150 mark since that represents more wildlife habitat in our city.

Of course, we didn’t do this on our own – all of you who took the time and made the effort to make your home wildlife friendly, sent in the application, and paid the $20 – this is a tribute to you.  

And this is a tribute to Mukilteo, which is fortunate to have so much habitat in its parks, gulches and schools and so many wildlife supporters in its community.

We will continue to work on creating new habitat, getting more properties certified and making Mukilteo even better for our animal friends.  You will be hearing from us soon.

Janet Carroll is a member of the Mukilteo Wildlife Habitat Project, which has met its goal of certifying Mukilteo as a community wildlife habitat.

For more information on the project, go to If you have questions e-mail Carroll at
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