My Fondest BCS Wish

By Frank the Man | Nov 14, 2010

I confess to having been completely disgusted by the results of the World Series.

Seeing the San Francisco Giants (and their fans) revel for the very first time was a sight I could have lived without ever seeing.

The next agenda item for us sports fans is the completion of the college football  season - from the end of the  regular season to bowl games and the BCS Championship Game announcements, as well as the always unsatisfying finality that comes when only two teams get to vie for a so-called championship.

I am long on record in this space for advocating an eight team playoff, involving the champions from each of the six major conferences, along with two Committee-selected 'wild-card' teams. Maintain college football's hallowed tradition by playing the quarter-finals on New Years Eve and Day at those days' customary sites (New Orleans, Miami, Phoenix and Pasadena).  Play the two semi's a week later on a Saturday at centrally located Midwest domes sites  (Detroit, Minneapolis, Indianapolis,or St. Louis), and then the  National Championship Game a week later in the big new stadium in Dallas. Only three extra games would be played, and our blood-lust for a true champion would finally be satisfied.

Instead we have to endure the existing set-up that favors only those schools from the top six conferences, while ignoring the prolonged excellence that Boise State and TCU continue to display on the field. The haves  have too much money at stake to deign to allow any of the aforementioned outsiders to take a piece of their lucrative pie.

In hopes of having the BCS hoisted on their own petard,  here is what my perverse mind has concocted (as ripped from today's headlines) to shame the BCS (and the College Presidents who have signed off on this shady operation) into changing how they operate their cartel.

Say Oregon and Auburn win their remaining games and get selected to play for all the BCS marbles.

Sometime between the matchup being announced and the actual game date, all this smoke billowing from Auburn (alleging that their stellar QB Cam Newton  -or his agents-  did indeed sell his services to the highest bidder) proves to have come from a smoking gun.

Swift justice will prevail, with Newton being deemed ineligible to play in the big game.

Their offense rendered impotent without  their star, Auburn finds itself no match whatsoever for the racehorse Oregon Ducks. 

The game is a rout at halftime.

All around the country, televisions channels are being changed from the game to those stellar examples of TV entertainment at its best,  'America's Got Housewives'  or  'Dancing With The Idols'.

Those companies who paid to advertise during the second half justifiably ask for refunds and demand a change in the system.

And Boise State, TCU, and football fans everywhere will be left to wistfully wonder  'what might have been'.

Such a happy ending would even help offset my grumpiness over the Giants winning the World Series.

 There's no question about it.


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