Only 35 Certified homes to go

By Janet Carroll | Aug 24, 2011


Is your home on the map? The dots on the map above represent the homes in Mukilteo with yards that are certified wildlife habitats. Certify your yard and help Mukilteo become the 13th certified Community Wildlife Habitat in Washington state.

I love maps, so when we started the Mukilteo Wildlife Habitat Project having a map showing all the certified properties was essential.  

Fortunately, the city let Senior Planner Glen Pickus make a map for us and update it now and then.  

By the way, Glen’s yard is one of our certified wildlife habitats and is, of course, on the map.  Almost all the city council members and the mayor as well have a dot marking their status as certified wildlife habitat.

I am not the only one who loves to look at maps. When we have our display set up at various events, the map is a big draw. Map groupies find the map and look and look, even if they don’t live in Mukilteo.

We were at the Farmer’s Market recently, and all of our visitors hovered around the map first thing.  That’s why we have it there.

As you can see from the map, many of the certified homes are around 92nd Street. There are two good reasons for that.  

One is that Mike Daffron and Christopher Chase who are builders in Mukilteo, left a lot of habitat around the homes they built, and they have built several homes in this area. At least six of their homes are certified.  

The other reason is that five of our volunteers live in this area.  So, naturally, the first thing we all did was to certify our own homes and then we contacted our neighbors and friends living near us.  That’s why our neighborhood is so well represented.

Some other areas look good as well, such as Old Town, the Chennault Beach Drive Area, and around Goat Trail. To those of you in these areas:  Thanks for getting your yards certified! If you want to compete with the 92nd Street neighborhood to become the area with the most dots, contact any of your neighbors with wildlife habitat on their property and get them to sign up.

There are some neighborhoods that have few or no certified homes. If you look on the map, you can see where there are gaps.

Do you live in these areas?  If so, please get your yard certified to let us know that wildlife can live in your neighborhoods as well. Our intent is to go door-to-door in these areas to try to convince people to certify to get better representation throughout the city.

So, if you hear someone knocking at your door or ringing your doorbell, it might be us and not political candidates.

If you are ready right now to get your yard put on our map, check out the certification form on our website ( and see if your home qualifies.  

Do you have food, cover, water, nesting places and use some sustainable gardening techniques, like mulching, using compost, and removing noxious weeds?  

If so, print a copy of the form, fill it out and send it to National Wildlife Federation with a check for $20.  

If you want to sign up online you can also find the link on our website.

Only 35 more certified yards before we have the distinction of being the 13th city certified by National Wildlife Federation as a Community Wildlife Habitat in Washington state.

Janet Carroll is a member of the Mukilteo Wildlife Habitat Project, which has a goal of certifying Mukilteo as a community wildlife habitat.  Help Mukilteo get community certification by certifying your own yard.  For more information on the project, go to

If you have questions e-mail Carroll at

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