Random bits of blogging

By Obnoxious John | Jun 30, 2010

Random bits of blogging


Obnoxious John


Hmmmm, the Mariners sign Russell Branyan and all of a sudden score 7 runs two nights in a row! This is something we fans have looked for all year long. Maybe just getting the big bat in the middle changes the way the pitcher throws to the Mariners, who knows? All I know is, when they score runs and Lee and Hernandez pitch up to their reputations (which they have) the M’s look like a very, very different team. I hope it continues.

Did you watch the American match in the World Cup against Ghana? I watched a little bit and listened to some on the radio. Their formula, fall behind and win at the end, the stuff of fairy tales, ran out on them as they couldn’t do it against Ghana. Now I’m not a soccer fan or a soccer expert, which follows, but I know that in practically any sport, to spot the opponent points, runs or goals is never a good strategy. I suggest they try scoring first next time.


LeBron James, he of the hardwood, is being courted as though he’s a combination of Jonas Salk, Mother Theresa and Michael Jordan, what with his contract being up for bid this offseason. I have nothing against LeBron, I know he’s an athlete with incomparable skills and in the prime of his career however, it’s hard for me to get excited about his situation when there is no professional basketball in this town. It’s as though basketball has become soccer to me.  Something other people in some other place watch and care about.


Now get out there and take one for the team!

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