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By Obnoxious John | May 16, 2011
Hello Readers, that is if any of you are still out there. Can't say as I blame you, my humble missives have been absent from these cyber pages the last few months and if you moved on, well that's the way it goes.

Recently I had the opportunity to spend a week in Playa del Carmen which is just like Cancun only better. By that I mean, closer to the beach and much smaller. Any other qualifying characteristics on which is better should be left to people much younger than I as Cancun is said to be some sort of Spring Break Mecca for America's student population.

While there I had the opportunity to observe people on holiday having fun and relaxing. Because we were several hundred miles from the US, the TV programming, when I looked at it, was decidedly different than what I'm used to here. Makes sense, of course, but nonetheless was sort of weird to not know if the Mariners had won or lost, which team was doing what in the NBA finals and so on.

I do know that TV in that part of the world isn't much different really than what we get here; soaps, news, sports and the occasional good movie.

Relaxing in the room one evening and discovering I had HBO allowed me to watch the Clint Eastwood/Hilary Swank movie "Million Dollar Baby." Great movie. Very sad but well done.

It had a lot of boxing in it, but wasn't about boxing. It had a lot of characters from disadvantaged backgrounds, but wasn't a social commentary on class or station. It was about drive and determination. It was about a bond that grew between two people to the point that love blossomed, and how one person would literally do anything for the other.

Then I had to come home. The trip was uneventful save for the confiscation of my fingernail cleaning 'knife' (their word, not mine) at the Dallas airport. The funny thing is, it went through the same airport going to Mexico but was not allowed to return with me to Seattle.

Arriving home, I found I had time to attend a high school baseball game at Everett Memorial Stadium between Glacier Peak and Mountlake Terrace. The sun was out, it was sort of warm, and the contest came down to getting the third out while the winning run was on second base. It was a great game from a comeback point of view.

Glacier Peak was down 7-2 in the 4th inning and rallied, with help, to win 9-8. Here's the funny thing about this game. The box score. I don't know, except for little league, when I've ever witnessed so many errors in a game. The losing team's errors equaled the amount of runs scored - 8!

This game was followed by a match between the number one seed in the 3A, Shorewood, against the gutty little Mavericks of Meadowdale. Can you say 'danger Will Robinson, danger?' It was over in the first, but they played 5. Shorewood looks like a football team playing baseball. They deserve the number one ranking in their class. If you can be in Mount Vernon next Saturday, you should go.

Now get out there and take one for the team!
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