Speak up, Mukilteo

By Sara Bruestle | Sep 15, 2010

Mukilteo has been quiet lately.

In the past two months since I assumed the position of editor of the Mukilteo Beacon, the newspaper has received 16 letters.  That’s an average of two letters a week.  

Two letters is actually a nice flow of response from readers – but that’s not what I’m seeing in my inbox.

In the last two months, the most letters I received in a week was six.  That’s great.  However, five out of the eight weeks I received either one letter or none at all.

On the other hand, Pat Ratliff, the editor of the Edmonds Beacon, receives an average of four letters a week.  He had 30 letters to my 16.

I know the population of Edmonds is twice as big as in Mukilteo, so his flow of readers’ response to mine is to be expected – but that doesn’t mean I’m not jealous.

Two letters is a nice flow of response – I just wish it was more like a flood.

A majority of the letter writers commented on the EMS Levy, Tim Eyman’s initiative on traffic-safety cameras, or thanked the community.  

The week I had six letters, five of them either were for or against the EMS Levy.  I was so excited to get five letters discussing the levy that I saw to it that they were all published together, turning the letters section into a debate.

I know the flow is going to pick up once election season kicks in – that’s when the community is most likely to speak up – but not all letters need to be about politics.

I’d like to see more letters from readers commenting on what they do or don’t like in the newspaper or the day-to-day happenings in Mukilteo. Even more letters giving kudos to someone in the community would be nice.

We want to know what readers think; we want to give the community its voice.  

As we see it, in Mukilteo, if someone wants to express his or her views to the community, he or she can either get three minutes at a city-council meeting or about 350 words in the Beacon.

At the Beacon, we welcome letters to the editor and will print them as promptly and as possible as space allows.

However, letters must include first and last name, address and phone number for verification purposes.  Published letters will include the author’s name and city of residence. We don’t publish anonymous letters.

We also reserve the right to edit letters as necessary for brevity, grammar and taste.  

Send letters to: The Mukilteo Beacon, 806 5th Street, Mukilteo, WA 98275 or by e-mail to editor@mukilteobeacon.com.

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