The Dismal Mariners

By Frank the Man | Jul 15, 2010
With the Mariner season successfully traversing its way counter-clockwise down the drain (and at such an unexpectedly early date), here's a plea for the team to use what remains of the schedule to give an honest look at our young guys, perhaps being able to separate the proverbial prospects from the suspects.
Jose Lopez?  Take a seat (assuming Jack Z can't trade you for a box of balls and a PTBNL). 
Branyan and Bradley.  Full-time platooning DH's.
Let Michael Saunders continue to get comfortable at the big league level and play LF every day.
Justin Smoak - you're our first baseman from now until you hit free agency.
Kotchman? See Lopez comments.
If it speeds up his free agency clock, resist the urge to call up big Pineda.  Same with Ackley, too.  Nothing they will contribute to the big club this year is worth anything compared to what they could help the team accomplish 6 or 7 years from now.
And call up Matt Tuiasosopo.  Put him at 2B on a regular basis.  Get him his ABs, lots and lots of them.  The guy can play.  Maybe move him around a little in the field (SS, 3B, LF) to give those guys (the  J. Wilsons, Figgins, and Saunders) one day off each week.  Until and unless he posts .300/20/90 numbers which would get him a permanent spot in the starting lineup, he may have to scratch to get on the field.  The Mark McLemore role (once played to perfection by my alltime favorite Dodger, Junior Gilliam) may suit him, capable of filling in at any number of positions if and when the need arises.  Nobody seems to dispute that he's a good guy to have on the team.
And can we please find a catcher?  Preferably one who is able to 'catch'.  A  .250 stick wouldn't hurt, either, would it?
Where's Dan Wilson when we could really use him?
 There's no question about it.
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