The Jackson giant killers?

By Obnoxious John | Mar 17, 2010

The Davids of Jackson High out of Everett are center stage again. Will they make it three in a row by winning the state championship game tonight against Kentwood?  As you might know they didn’t. I started this blog Saturday evening, thinking it would be fun to blog as the game went on. But you see, my TV is in the other room and the cord won’t reach and so I gave up.

But Jackson didn’t give up. Located in Mill Creek and part of the Everett School system, they are actually called the Timberwolves. The David thing was just an obscure, hard to make work reference to the fact that  a) Kentwood was a hands down favorite to win and b) Josh Smith of Kentwood is a high school Goliath, going 6-9 and 280 (or maybe a bit more).

Goliath was a bit slow to get started but then was as difficult to slow down as a locomotive moving at full speed.  Being that Smith has both height and weight advantage on all of his high school opponents, no school has been really able to neutralize his presence on the court this year. The only way rivals stood a chance was when he was sidelined with an injury.

In fact, Smith is so talented , so loaded with potential, he is bound for the college where any kid playing center would go given a choice. Who wouldn’t want to play the same position, at the same school as Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Bill Walton?

This isn’t to say the school from Snohomish County didn’t give a good showing of themselves. They tried doubling  up on the Kentwood big man but got burned as the supporting cast of Conquerors (known as Conks on the schools web page), came through time and again from beyond the 3 point line.

For a the first team from Snohomish County to make it to state in more than 30 years (previous was Mountlake Terrace in ’77) they played as good as they were able to. And they didn’t give up.

Now go out there and take one for the team!


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