Zap fall illness with a powerful immune system

By Kay Wagner LMP, CPT | Nov 02, 2011

“You sound stuffy, mom,” my daughter Chelsea said.  “Take your Emergen-C.”  

“Darn I was hoping my coffee would kick it,” I answered.  

I put down the coffee, downed a large glass of orange juice backed with a serving of Emergen-C and fresh lemon in 12 ounces of water.  Then I enjoyed my coffee!

Sneezes are the first sign.  Then fatigue, a headache or sore throat.  Take action at the first sniffle to enable your immune system to defend your body from viruses and bacterial infection.

My family and friends have great success with these folk remedies and supplements.  Perhaps there’s something here that you haven’t tried.   

Note:  These dosages are suggested for when you are fighting cold or flu symptoms.  Before trying any new supplement or for normal daily dosages consult your health care professional.  

Vitamin C is very important, but Vitamin C Ascorbic acid is acidic in your body.  Try Ester-C, or C Ascorbate, which is alkaline and does not make your body more acidic.  500-1000 mg 4-6 times daily with a large glass of water or juice.  Ester-C with bioflavonoids, rose hips or Acerola is best.

Emergen-C is our favorite immune booster.  Each packet contains vitamins and minerals, which are easy to assimilate because they are in a small molecular size.  And the Vitamin C is non-acidic C-ascorbate.  I like the lemon-lime best.  All the flavors are different-try them all!  One or two packets 3-4 times a day.

Airborne:  This powerful germ fighter has Chinese herbs as well as vitamins and minerals.  We often combine it with Emergen-C for double duty protection.  It’s very sweet so it is perfect for mixing with fresh lemon.

Chelated Zinc: 50 mg twice a day.  Chelated zinc is easier to absorb.  Zinc lozenges are excellent.

Lysine:  Powerful antiviral.  1000-1500 mg twice daily with water.

Acidopholus/probiotics: Take per directions on label to create healthy absorption of nutrients by keeping intestinal bacteria healthy.  

Selenium: Take 200 mg with 100-400 IU Vitamin E, with food.

Echinacea and goldenseal:  Follow directions on container.  

Fresh Lemon:  Two to four daily.  Wash and cut lemon in half.  Squeeze a half lemon into cup, add the scored peel and cover with boiling water.  Add honey to taste.  Add more hot water and drink through out the day.  Or add the lemon and peel to apple juice, orange juice or herbal tea.  The lemon peel contains bioflavonoids, which are immune boosters.

Ginger tea:  Specific for both stomach and respiratory ailments.  Fresh ginger is best but tea bags help too.  We love to use a slice of fresh ginger in hot water with fresh lemon and honey.  Add a few sage leaves for a delicious tea for coughs, sore throats and head colds.

Garlic:  Fresh, raw garlic finely diced and eaten on buttered toast is delicious and germ fighting.  But if you don’t want to smell like a clove of garlic, try deodorized garlic capsules.  To fight illness we take 500 mg 3-4 times daily, with food.

The last time I had a cold, which was creeping into my lungs I had great results taking Oregano oil capsules.  Oregano is Anti-bacterial!  The ‘NOW’ brand also provides ginger and fennel.  I took one capsule 2-3 times daily with food and my lungs cleared right up.

If flu symptoms are creeping up on you, stay warm.  Use heat pads to warm up in bed and add an extra blanket.  Warm baths with a half cup to two  cups of Epsom salts ease aches and help fight germs.  Toss in a few drops of eucalyptus or peppermint essential oil for an aromatic, muscle relaxing, immune boosting bath.  

Your skin is your largest organ of elimination. Scrubbing away dead skin sloughs toxins, improves circulation and allows your skin to breathe.  Use a salt scrub, brush, loofa or Ayate cloth to exfoliate.  Be sure to rest after your bath.

Pour in the fluids!  Juice, water, herbal tea, green tea and broth soups help make your body inhospitable to germs.

Give you body extra rest and fill it with healthy hot beverages, soups and immune boosting supplements.  You will be ready to face the changing season with health and vitality.

Kay Wagner LMP & NASM Certified Personal Trainer, leads Seniors Strength Training, Yoga & Pilates at Rosehill Community Center.  Kay offers PERSONAL TRAINING & SPA FACIAL MASSAGE in her studio overlooking the mountains and water, at 828 2nd St. in Mukilteo. Call 425-353-4545. Visit

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