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By Pastor Jeff Dutra, Mukilteo Foursquare Church | Mar 20, 2019

The snow is melted, the sun is beginning to warm things up here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and golf courses all around are getting busier and busier, as golf enthusiasts like many of you and myself are getting out to the practice range to get the rust off the game and hit the links, in hopes that this might be the season we shoot our personal best. That’s right, it’s golf season!

I may have just lost some of you non-golf enthusiasts with that opening statement, but stay tuned, because whether you love golf, hate it, or both (if you know what I mean), there’s some great life lessons we can learn from those who excel at it.

We are just three weeks away from my favorite PGA tournament, The Masters. Augusta National will once again be on display for the whole world to see, with azaleas in full bloom, the plushest and greenest fairways and greens this side of heaven, Amen Corner, the dreadful 12th green which slopes hazardously into Rae’s Creek to gobble up a misplaced shot, and the three famous bridges that grace the course (Hogan Bridge, Nelson Bridge, and Sarazen Bridge), and so much more!

Each player will have the honor of walking where legends like Jones, Nicklaus, Palmer, Watson, Woods and Mickleson have walked, but only one will win the coveted green jacket.

Playing Augusta National would be a dream-come-true for me, but that’s unlikely to ever happen, and actually playing in The Masters is a dream that I can confidently say will never come true. In fact, it would be a nightmare, as far as my final score is concerned!

The guys who play in this tournament are at a level that most of us wannabe’s could only dream of.

When you play this great game of golf, and then you watch how the best in the world play the game compared to you, you not only realize how amazingly talented they are, but how committed they are to being their best, and for the few who are the best of the best, they are the legends, the masters that we can learn from.

Those who finish in the top 24 of The Masters will win at least $100K, and the winner will not only win a gold medal and a replica of the Master’s trophy, but they will win a whopping $11 million!

Talk about having a lot to play for!

When it comes to life and faith we also have a lot to play for.  In order to live a legendary life in the eyes of our children, spouse, family and friends, it’s going to take a commitment to excellence, to being the best we can be for those we love the most, and to hopefully rise to a level where they aspire to be like us when it comes to the kind of character, faithfulness, perseverance, love, and faith that we model to them. Living a legendary life is being aware that there are many who are watching how we live our lives, and it’s doing our best to set a positive example for them.

It’s also recognizing that at the other end of this life is a prize that is eternal, and will never fade away. As it says in 1 Corinthians 9:25, “Athletes work hard to win a crown that cannot last, but we do it for a crown that will last forever.”

Do you want to live a legendary life not only for now, but for all eternity? Then focus on that eternal prize that is gained through faith in Christ, and by having that focus you will also become a legend in the eyes of those who mean the most to you; your family and friends

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