A second chance ? ?

By Steven Keeler | Aug 13, 2014
Source: Bob Tisdale


From Bob Tisdale :

The new warm anomaly in the western equatorial Pacific is shown here. It has strengthened in the past few weeks. If the anomaly works its way eastward with the Equatorial Undercurrent in the Pacific (the Cromwell current), as it should, then the anomaly will increase as it works its way to the east, because the subsurface waters in the east are normally cooler than they are in the west. And if more of the warm water that’s off the equator (just south of the equator in the western tropical Pacific) is drawn into the equatorial undercurrent, there would be more subsurface warm water to help fuel an El Niño later this year. Yup, lots of ifs and shoulds and woulds in that.


Note that depths are the Vertical axis

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