A whole lotta ‘Nunsense’

By Meredith Pechta, Theater Reviewer | Aug 08, 2012
Courtesy of: Brandon Ainsworth Tambre Massman, Erin Mar-De Wise, Annie Peck, Jennifer Nöel Klouse and Nancy McIntosh star in “Nunsense,” playing at the Historic Everett Theater Aug. 10-19.

The Historic Everett Theater is starting their play productions early. Their first one is “Nunsense.” Yes, that’s the title. “NUNSENSE.” It doesn’t have much plot to speak of, but it’s a barrel of laughs, and has some pretty good songs too.

The premise is quite simple. Five nuns have come to perform for a benefit. You see, not long ago, their little nunnery in Hoboken was left for broke and short on personnel, since many were accidentally killed due to food poisoning.

They’ve use their limited funds to bury all the bodies. All of them, that is, but four. They stuffed them in the freezer to preserve them. However, the health inspector is expected to pay them a visit in their convent! He’s sure to notice the ‘expired items’ in there.

So the sisters have come to the theater to (as they put it) raise some Hell – and the needed money, so they can bury the rest of their order and hopefully stay open.

They sing, dance, do quizzes, give out outrageous recipes, and perform ventriloquist acts. They also make the audience laugh more than expected.

Would you like an introduction? Good. Nancy McIntosh is their ring-leader as Rev. Mother Regina. On the surface she appears to be what you would expect, but she has a more ‘devil may care’ spirit. The reason they can’t afford to bury the remaining nuns was because she spent all their money on a widescreen TV.

Her second in command is Sister Hubert, played with great flair by Taber Massman. The two have an ongoing feud where Sister Hubert challenges the Rev. Mother’s authority, and makes decisions behind her back.

Erin Wise plays the streetwise Sister Robert Anne. She’s a tough cookie from New York who wants to do her part, but won’t take any crap from people. She’s definitely what you’d call the most hip.

The novice nun of the little group is Sister Mary Leo. She’s delightfully played by Annie Peck. She had the dream of becoming a professional ballerina. Instead, she got a calling and decided to use her gift in service of a better and more appreciative audience.

And last but far from least, is Jennifer Klouse as Sister Mary Amnesia. Why the name? Quite simple. She walked into a church one day dressed as a nun and accidentally had a really big cross fall on her head. From that point on, she had no memory of who she was.

This show is a blast. The five ladies of the cast are all wonderful singers and tell some of the best jokes. In some ways, it will remind many of “Sister Act,” but it does have it’s own identity and should be enjoyed by any audience with a sense of humor.

Keep track of this same group when they perform “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” this fall.

“Nunsense” plays at the Historic Everett Theater Aug. 10-19. Matinee performances are on Sundays at 2 p.m. For ticket information, call 425-258-6766.

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