Accept God’s blessings and set yourself free | Worship

By Pastor Hughes Protzman, Mukilteo Foursquare Church | May 28, 2014

We change for the better when we receive a blessing, not when we receive a curse.

To curse is to reject another person, implying that they do not measure up to your standard of what you can accept. A blessing is a commitment to another person that, regardless of their behavior, you accept them as a valuable person.

To bless another person is to ascribe value to them as a person of great worth. It involves spoken words of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

To curse is to judge and devalue another person because of destructive actions on their part or differences of culture or belief.

Jesus came to bless and not to curse. He touched and healed the leper, blessed and forgave the adulterous woman, received and ate with those who were considered the outcasts of his day.

He gives us life for death, hope for despair and new strength to stop being destructive to ourselves and others. He gives us wisdom to live by and His Holy Spirit to have the power to do it.

If you are being cursed and abused by others, or even yourself, I want to give you a blessing for now and hope for the future. The source of the guilt you feel and the abuse you heap on yourself is not from God but from receiving a curse and not a blessing.

You are accepted, loved and forgiven by God. In the inner depths of your heart receive his Son, His Holy Spirit and let his tender arms fold around you.

Eternal life with Him is your inheritance. Receive it by placing your life in His hands. That is a challenge. A challenge that God, Our Heavenly Father, takes seriously. That is why He spends so much time in the Bible giving us promises of His love for us.

As we draw close to Him, He promises he will respond instantly to the cries of our heart (Isaiah 30:19) and takes great delight in helping us (Psalm 35:27).

God spoke these encouraging words to a friend of mine at a time when she needed to know if she should walk in freedom or stay locked in a cage of her own making.

He said to her:

“I promise you, just as soon as you turn to Me with a surrendered heart, I will enable you to mount up above the turmoil that is troubling your soul. And I will take very good care of your life, your highest and most precious hopes, your most cherished longings and dreams.

“I will give you the courage you need (Psalm 138:3) to rise up above your circumstances and your fears. . . And in that rising up of your spirit, you will be able to soar with Me like the eagle.”

God has promised His blessings to you. He wants you to have His blessings. Rise up, receive them and be free.

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