Administration has left lots of questions unanswered | Letter

Jun 04, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

If the city of Mukilteo has 110 employees and a population of around 20,000 with seven department heads and a full-time mayor and a City Council, why will “confusion of roles, responsibilities and authority” require a second-in-command and a full-time human resources manager [Mayor plans to replace city administrator with full-time job,” The Beacon, front page, May 14]?

If the task of governing Mukilteo requires professional expertise, perhaps we should go back to a part-time mayor and obtain the services of full-time professionals to cope with the tasks that are beyond the comfort zone of the present staff.

The talks with Fire District 1 contract are a good example of evaluation pros and cons to be addressed by an unbiased professional. The financial obligations of Mukilteo need to be addressed.

Why is Mukilteo considering the sale of firefighting equipment? How will Mukilteo’s permanent levy for EMS be addressed? How are the funds from health insurance reimbursement for medical transport being credited to the city now?

One expense that is not being addressed (or discussed with the citizens of Mukilteo) is liability insurance for the new Japanese Gulch Park, which is outside the city limits of Mukilteo for the most part and is no longer owned by Everett.

Should an accident on the premises bring a lawsuit, who is financially liable? A city manager will not have the legal background and training to provide counsel in court, as the mayor is wishful thinking.

Mukilteo’s expenses cannot exceed revenue. If decisions to be made exceed the expertise of the mayor and councilmembers, there is a need to downsize the position of the mayor and department heads and obtain the services of professionals who can address the decisions that have to be made in an unbiased manner and can educate the community as to why a course of action is to be taken and the true costs involved.

Campaign donations should not be factors in determining decisions.

Barbara and Robert Malaska,


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