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Agent Amy Morrison brings ‘client first’ approach to real estate

Jul 11, 2018
Amy Morrison and her daughters enjoy time together. A native Washingtonian, Amy knows the Puget Sound region, and excels at helping clients find their ideal home or, if they’re selling, she takes on the laborious process, and the stress, for her clients.

It would take someone who can think outside the box to be able to connect the dots between a job as a Doula (helping deliver babies) and a career as a real estate broker. Amy Morrison is just such a person. She decided to shift her career into another service-oriented business, and supports homebuyers and sellers through that laborious process of buying or selling homes.

Her passion for helping others have a smooth and enjoyable experience drives her to be creative and get things done.  She is not afraid to roll up her sleeves to work hard to get all the pieces in place to list or buy a property.  Her adventurous spirit looks forward to every new door she opens (she is not afraid of what’s in your closet).  Amy will do whatever it take to win a bid, find the right property for you or go to bat to get you the best selling price.  Her charismatic personality makes her an instant friend with both clients and other agents.

Today, Amy is a broker with Avenue Properties, one of the fastest growing real estate firms in the Puget Sound, ranking #9 largest, in only two years since its founding, according to Puget Sound Business Journal.  Avenue Properties was founded by six of the Northwest’s Top Real Estate Agents who wanted to change the way real estate was done.  All six founders are active agents themselves, giving their agents, like Amy, real-time education on the market, including how to raise her level of client care and communication.

Explaining their vision, the founders stated, “We are a brokerage with the ability to adapt to market changes and trends, while keeping the needs of our clients, and their valued investment, first and foremost in sight.”

In this technology savvy area they felt the need to break out of the franchise limitations and create a space where agents can be creative and innovative. Amy has so much support from these founders who will take time from their busy schedule to take calls and coach her on any challenges she may face.

Amy said, “I love working with the best of the best. It inspires me and motivates me to be better every time I interact with any of the agents in my company.” Avenue Properties did over $1.3 billion in sales in 2017, and continues to have record-breaking success as they hire more top agents this year.

Growing up in nearby Redmond, Amy inherited an analytical mind and business skills from her father, Tom Fairbanks – owner of VECA Electric, one of Puget Sound’s most successful electrical contracting companies. Her creative, adventurous spirit she gets from her mother, Debi Fairbanks, who took her exploring the beautiful Northwest by skiing, hiking and playing in the many lakes as a child. Amy fell in love with the beauty of the Northwest at a young age. Her vast knowledge of the Eastside, Seattle and Snohomish County makes her an excellent resource for anyone looking to find a new city to call home. She will find you your ideal location.

Morrison graduated from the UW in Comparative Literature in 2002, and has lived in Mukilteo with her three daughters for the past 10 years. She also did a stint as a substitute teacher in the Mukilteo School District, an experience she loved, in large part because she was a natural at connecting with kids and teaching. She ultimately decided being a real estate broker was where she could combine all of her talents to create a wonderful experience for her clients.

As is her mission, Amy has long thrown herself into community activism as well, helping out at school functions, coaching volleyball at the Boys & Girls Club, volunteering at her church, judging at the annual Lighthouse Festival parade, sewing costumes for the Harbour Pointe Middle School and Kamiak musicals and more.

“I’m invested in this community,” she said. “I like to be involved. I care about people and how we can make this community better.”

Amy’s care with her clients builds trust, which is so important in such a large transaction. It can be a very emotional thing to sell the house your family grew up in. Amy is just the gal who has the sensitivity to hold your hand through that journey. She understands that it can be a hard thing to let go of all those memories, but that it’s also a great thing to allow the next generation to come into those spaces and raise their kids, especially with our amazing Mukilteo education system.

With her people skills and ability to connect, Amy thinks of herself as a concierge for her clients, trying to give them a good experience, and advocating for them to get what they want.

In today’s market, with tight housing inventory and generational competition for that limited supply, Amy believes in being aggressive but thorough.

From finding the right kind of loans (there are options the average buyer doesn’t even know exist), to inspections, to investigating homeowner association rules and other hurdles, Amy takes the business-related burdens off the client’s shoulders. “I ask the questions the average person wouldn’t know to ask.”  She is always looking out for her clients’ best interests.

She doesn’t try to steer clients toward a less satisfactory home just to make a sale. “I never tell people what they value isn’t important,” she said, “I like to make dreams come true for my clients.”  Bringing that vision to life gives Morrison her greatest joy.

That same “client first” approach extends to the sellers as well. Homeowners who try to sell homes themselves or who use low-cost (and minimal assistance) real estate agencies take on big risks and stress that too often leads to a bad transaction and statistically leaves money on the table.

“As an Avenue agent, I am full service, working for you 24/7,” Amy said. “I want to make your life easier.  Let me do the business side. You want me in between as your advocate.” Whether you’re selling a $300,000 condo or a $20 million mansion, Avenue Properties provides the same care, marketing and expertise.

“People trust me,” she said, “because of the character I have built over a lifetime of having integrity in all that I do. Being authentic is very important to me.” Tere Foster, one of Avenue’s founders, is known for her motto of “do the right thing always.” Amy strives to do her best in every transaction.  She is ready to work hard for you, your family and your friends today.

Find out for yourself. Call her at 206-851-2409 or email amym@avenueproperties.com.



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