Agreed: BMX jumps in gulch are vandalism | Letter

Apr 02, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

What is this "grandfathered in"  thing they are talking about [“Extreme sports in gulch alarm residents,” The Beacon, front page, March 26]? There is no grandfathering in of illegal activity.

This is not preservation. As a Mukilteo resident and supporter of the gulch, I feel betrayed.

I agree with what Jon Boyce and Terry Preshaw are saying. It's vandalism, unplanned and BMX bike jumps like these are dangerous.

When my brother was young, he crushed his nose and broke his leg and ankle going over a dual jump like the one pictured.

His nose had to be reconstructed and he had pins put in his leg and ankle. If these sorts of jumps are in a city "park," kids will be kids, and think it's OK.

I believe the city, as the new owner of this property, needs to impose a moratorium while going through assessment and evaluation. (It’s evident they didn't do it beforehand.)

However, allowing and promoting public access, right off the bat, that will increase activity, and there is a dire need for at least garbage cans, recycling containers and a few porta potties.

When I explored and walked the gulch last July, on several occasions, I picked up an entire bag of trash from the pond area alone. There was too much trash and debris for me to fit into the one paper bag.

Left behind were used syringe needles, beer bottles, various plastics, food wrappers that were scattered near the wetland.

There is also a need for fresh water. Pets should not be drinking from the gulch or pond (that is basically stormwater runoff from Paine Field and Boeing), and I know pets do drink it, as well as wild life.

Lynn McKinney,


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